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PES2010 UK version - Incombatible version in Online play??!!


Registered User
I keep getting an error:

"Your version of PES2010 is incompatible for online gaming"

or something like that...

Is it becaiuse there is no online servers online yet?? Anyone ??


Registered User
yes it will on tomorrow

13:00 PM CEST
7:00 pm EST USA TIME .

Do you have the original P.C PES 2010 ? If so, how do set up your port for the router in order to connect online in PES 2010 .

Since u got that message , that mean your online is working .
. BTW did u register KONAMI I.D at the konami website . How do we do that ? I know that link , But I am not sure how to do . Register Konami I.D and Game I.D right ?
Then When u connect ur game tomorrow , you will put your C.D Key . right?
I have DI-524 D-Link
I can't even connect , it keep saying



Registered User
As every router has different setups, there should be a page about port forwarding in the router setup page.

It will be along the lines of typing in a description of the app that you want the port opening for (e.g. PES2010). Selecting TCP/UDP and then the number of the port 5739 in this case.

To access the routers setup page you usually have to type an IP assress like or something similar.


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I used to have that message all the time when connecting PES 2009 online. I found it to be a problem with the host server. After some time I was able to connect. But every now then I do get that message but founf it was through no fault of my router!!


Registered User
again I thought KONAMI switch to Mirosoft server hosting . Manz ! Another registration just like PES 09,

I just can';t wait to get my game and test online in USA .

Do I have to put my ROUTER Internet I.P or which I.P ? KONAMI PES 2010 I.P ?
I have D-LINK 524 . PLease help .

Someone told me just pur ur internet router I.P which is the main my router internet IP

Ok ,Anyone know when exactly we can play Online for PES 2010 .

On Friday the release date, if anyone can get into online please take screenshot of each step by step the process of how did u go online with PES 2010.

I want to see your experience , I will do that on Friady If I get my game , but I live in USA so I will the the game next week .

UK PLAYERS please do that , could u ? thank youso much for this .


Registered User
Double click on the wireless tray in the tray bar,go to the support tab,and the "IP Address" is your IP ;) (most of the time its something like 192.XXX.X.X)