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Pes4 Demo Confirmed Date !!!!!! Read Me


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Virgin in Reading gave me the 'anyday line' .
They got an e-mail saying that they should have been in Monday.

But that contradicts the stores saying the demo will be out with the game, doesn't it ?

quit now

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Morpheus said:
I have just phoned GAME in Hounslow (London) and they have said that they will also be doing the PES4 demo for £3. He said that haven't got it today but try midweek. So i think i'll be on their cases everyday of this week. He also said that the FIFA 2005 demo is out and i was like DO I GIVE A SHIT, lol.

To be honest i would rather buy PES4 from game rather than Virgin.

Speaking of Virgin i also phoned up the Hounslow branch and they said

" We have had no news on the matter.... blah blah blah...... try midweek"


i feel you man , i feel you , too much silly talk , get on the dog and bone !!!!!

we wanna be calling Konami ....what the fRuuuuck !!!!!!! ( say it like fenster from the usual suspect )


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Hey!... is there a homepage where you can order the demo now?... I really hooked to play it before the real realese! i can´t wait anymore...!!! ;-)
from a real Pes fan!


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Just phoned GAME in Hounslow today at 11:00am and again he said in a nerdy voice
"Uuuuuhh no its not i today.... blah blah blah..... try tomorrow or the day after but we will be getting"

The I said in a fookin angry an annoyed tone "Cheers"

BUT, and its a BIG BUT.... he asked if he could take my number and name a phone me when they do recieve it, which made me slightly hopeful.... but hey its Konami right they could get you so excited one minute and pissed of the next, Just like a girl.

I might do a Solid Snake on KCEE H.Q and snap all of the employees neck and jack all of the copies of the demo's, lol I WISH

PES4 IS GONNA ROOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOCK lksnglkjsh goergjgkjfklgjogrjsdoifsma *passes out with excitment*


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STOP THE PRESS......... i have just phoned game again and they have told me that they will not be doing the demo anymore.... he said they were about to but there was a change of plan... fucking shitty demo we shouldnt even bother with the demo to be honest... Boooooo hoooooo

good luck with anyone who is still bothered to hunt the SOB down!!!


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Iv just seen something intresting on the virgin website, although there is no mention of a demo at all, they clame the game is to be released on the 5th of October!!!! Does anybody no if this is true or if it is just bullshit to make you order the game with them.


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It is 5th of November :)


Playstation 2

Item available from 05/11/2004


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People in Manchester and London are now saying the demo is out - ring your local store for more details.


"Virgin Head Office say, and I quote precisely;

A few stores have it now, a few more tomorrow and the rest by the end of next week."


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What? I don`t know, last year it was PES 3 demo. So i`m wonderin if PES 4 demo will come too ?