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PES4 Master league Condition Thingy?


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I've played 7 or 8 games in the master league now and have had to stop playing t ogo back to work so I can't look into this myself just now but...

In master league there is that condition monitor option from the main menu between matches. For those that havn't seen it it's like a training session but about 20 seconds in it says it's finishd and you can go back to the menu.

The manual is pretty vague and I'm not sure if it's worth using. Now is it meant to sort out tiredness of players? or does it effect form?

Does it matter if you do anything with the players on the training pitch at the time? or can you just stand there? If it doesn't then why put it in the game.

p.s. Not wishing to sidetrack the thread but I just wanted to say that the new player improvement and age decline is superb and is much better than the old promising player stuff.


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its make your players go from say a green arrow to a yellow 1 i think thats what i got from doing it

i dont use it really unless i am coming to a big game just for an extra kick

it doesnt put all players and and somtimes none

i dont think it reduces there fiteage the oragnge bar


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Thanks. I wonder if it only effects players get a touch during the praccy bit. If it isn't effected by what you do on that screen then it seems pretty pointless really considering load times for the practice pitch.