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[PES5] fishcake mix v1.0


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Have you tried using the Network option in PES5 main menu ?
Do so, what happens...

....reamains in main menu screen = PES5 BETA
... menu or message box appears = PES5 Final


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'C:\pes5\IOP\DNAS300.IMG' this file is what PES5 uses
to connect to the Network, which the BETA don't have.

To solve your problem please read through this
thread solution to patch BETA is available.

Tyrvas (post #1) said:
- info update; added 22/10/05 @ 15.20 gmt+1 - VERY IMPORTANT!!
if patching PES5 BETA [NO NETPLAY] then DO NOT USE
fishcake's 'IML' & 'IMS' files (included in patch) to create your iso image,
instead after patching your extracted files make your own 'IML' & 'IMS'
with CD/DVDgen.
Note: fishcake's 'IML' & 'IMS' files were made using extracted &
patched files/folders from PES5 RETAIL [WITH NETPLAY].
As there is different file content between BETA & RETAIL PES5 versions.
Difference being 1 file, the netplay one, found in finals IOP folder.
So 'IML' & 'IMS' files of one version will not work for the other.


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small update

i've been editing the database and testing with online play, so far my database has correct names for all teams and players (including pes shop players) and works online with no problems, the only fault is limited space with some team names (eg: portsmouth only has room for pompey)

i'm going to include the database in my update but if you want to try it now you can download it here

to use the files replace the original sles with the one included (it's the sles from the retail version with edited team names) then import files 22,23,24 & 25 into 0_text, one of the files has been increased in size (22 i think) by only 1 kb but the afs needs to be rebuilt so you'll need to either rebuild with dvd gen or burn as udf/iso with nero

the database doesn't affect your existing option file so any games you play offline will use the data in your option file but when you play online you'll get correct team/player names

i've also included file 19 (param_dat) which the database editor asks for, at the moment i don't know if you need to import it or not, if you do then it could screw up any kits you've imported if they use different collars or models to my kits

i've been doing a few more tests and found it's possible to change stats for online play as long as you don't set all to 99, i'm going to check transfers later today and see what can be done


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Sorry to sound stupid lads but does anyone know where i can get that DKZ STUDIO 0.84b file....cant find it anywhere


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It's included in the files he posted. The last one part 7 maybe i know it is in there.

I'll have to check what version but as far as i am aware mine is retail.


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Mate your a legend. What you posted worked exactly. Anyone who is having any trouble whatsoever. Once you have patched the folder just follow what Tyrvas posted.

Post #65.

Thanks a lot and it is a very nice patch indeed.


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patch works great! Fareout the best patch so least the easiest to use.

I only forgot the patch the fix for Koln. How should I apply that one??


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leonbaars said:
patch works great! Fareout the best patch so least the easiest to use.

I only forgot the patch the fix for Koln. How should I apply that one??

it's not needed but if you use them or play them then the shorts on the home kit are screwed up


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I follow the instructions that come with the patch exactly, but when i play the game, it just plays like the original (ie the kits etc are not changed even when i change them to default on my memory card) and takes about 5 minutes to load between each screen. any ideas what ive done wrong or can do to make it right?


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I have the BETA version as it wont let me go on to network option. So what do I do to create these files iml mls files with CD/DVD gen? thanks


I followed most of the instructions from the first post, in Apache I have a problem. I click FILE then BUILD ISO, I saved the iso but an error message comes up saying "Couldn't find C:\pes5\IOP\DNAS300.IMG! Aborting..."

Please Help!


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How would i go about adding my own music for the menu's? Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask but i don't come in here often.


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fish or any1 how do i patch all the parts 1 to 7?
do i have to join them or what? I f i do what program and method should i use.
can't wait to get this patch on.
thanks parksy


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Just to add, i played with Classic Italy and when the games loaded (kick off) im playing with classic Netherlands in orange! lol, with itallian names.

Ive only got the Fishcake V1 patch and Jonboyo's music patch + Scorpians 0.5 Option File.

Do i need to apply the DJPelle updates?




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How can I patch an installed version (PC game)? I'd really like to have the real team/player names along with logos...


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What about classic Holland and Italy?
Was that fixed also? (mean shirts)
BTW. nice patch, first ever that I did for PS2...
Though, there are only premier league addboards (vodafonem, orange, t-mobile...). But, who cares?
Good work!