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[PES5] How many 'stars' do you play on?

I play on...

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How many stars do you play on? (be honest)

I mostly play on 4* but that's in the ML, when I play exhibition I play on 6*.


Registered User
6* master league, throws up some hard games now and again, thought am begining to criues to victores lately.


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It can be frustrating at times but i can never play anything less than six star just in case i score a good goal. I'd feel wrong uploading a goal scored with lesser difficulty levels and i would hate myself if one day i decided to play a five star game and scored the most amazing one in the history of the game and could not prove that it was a 6 Star....


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Does the star rating having any bearing on the game when playing against a human opponent i.e 6* gives you better goalkeeps??


The World Is Yours
6*. Always start off on 3 to learn the new changes, then work my way up to 6 within a month or so, and stick with that difficulty.


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I play Pro5 on 6 stars, as the COM is at its highest level and they someitme put on a good show.


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I've heard and been told by alot of people that there isn't a massive difference from the difficulty view of 5* compard too 6* anyone?