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[PES5] Team-pes-x Ppf-patch


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nofx said:
today comes a small fix (10MB);)

Manchester UTD - 2nd kit ------ ok
Parma AC ------ ok
FC Villareal ------ ok
Deportivo La Coruna ------ ok
Udinese ------ ok
Atletico Madrid ------ ok
Real Betis ------ ok
SV Werder Bremen ------ ok
Togo ------ ok
Brazil ------ ok

new Bernabeu update ;)

Where is this final update? I cant find it on the first page.


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hey no fix i was just wondering if your always looking for ideas on updates how about the sky tv setting ie. time name display ect...

but the work you done with this looks real nice cant wait to play!!!!


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hey ther im just patching the final.ppf just to be sure does the final.ppf fix go after the final.ppf then apply kit patch?? only 1 disc sorry if i seem a lil dumb lol!!


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I use PESFan Editor 5 to edit transfers, club-player-stadium-league names... and whenever new OF comes with update I import all corrections I made from old to new OF, and then I convert .xps to .npo with save builder. Now I want to edit faces and kits on my PC and then transfer it to MemoryCard. How can I do that? Which program I can use?


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apateezee said:
hey ther im just patching the final.ppf just to be sure does the final.ppf fix go after the final.ppf then apply kit patch?? only 1 disc sorry if i seem a lil dumb lol!!



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opening music

Just been watching the intro to the patch (which is wicked good by the way - max appreciation to nofx and crew), and was wondering if anyone knew what the music is to the 'South American' part of it. It's some emotional stuff! Wanted to try and get it and use it for when the teams come out onto the pitch...


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is there a faster place to download the final updates?

fileplanet is too slow :\ 20kbps max :\


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Still a problem with Villarreal kit, numbering is fixed but shirt template now messed up. I am using the optionfile posted along with final fix patch so not OF problem, numbers were messed up but shirt ok, now other way around. Man U away kit looks fine, havn't had chance to check others.


Evolution One

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I've been using Option Files for a couple of years now (I know, I'm a late starter) and I've been very happy with them.

This is the first patch that I've ever tried, I spent ages downloading and patching the image (Some really useful guides here, Thanks). I took my time and it worked perfectly on the first attempt!

I really am impressed with the patch NOFX, Thanks to you and everybody else involved in it! Finaly, Pro Evo 5 as it is meant to be played!!!!!

I've been having a look around the "editing" threads and quite fancy having a go at customising the patch (music & pics) myself to just get everything perfect for me. Would you have a problem with me editing your patch NOFX? I know I could just do it without asking but I appreciate the work that you have (all) have put into this and don't want to just trample over all your hard work! The truth is, I don't have the ability to start a whole new patch but think I'm up to a bit of editing.



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Zygalski said:
Myabe you can suggest a free upload site that has faster sites?

i dunno lol :\

fileplanet dedicated servers are much faster that free...

i get 80kbps in dedicated servers and 20-40kbps in free :\


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i have moved heaven and earth downloading patching and loading up the game, but now im stuck with the option file provided in bin/cue format.
ive burnt the .cue file using nero (.bin file was not selectable).

ive put in the cd containing the option file, it loads up to this black screen with messages:

((Please wait....
Reset ICP
Loading poweroff.irx 2137 bytes
Loading watever...(u get the picture)))

it just stays on this screen forever and ive pressed the R1 button and all other buttons but no response. Even if it did, id have no idea how to transfer it to my memory card.

ive looked over the forums but not found quite what im looking for, so please dont just give me a link to a editing tutorial coz i dont think it wud help.

SUMMARY: how do i use the bin/cue option files and successfully transfer it to my memory card????