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PES5 UEFA 2015/16 Option File for PC & PS2


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This is just an Option File, no Patch!

My OF contains:
- not quite complete leagues of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain (missing teams e.g. Carpi, Troyes, Las Palmas...) + other teams qualified for UEFA Champions League & Europa League
- transfers from summer 2015 (but not 100%)
- PSD stats adjusted for a slow-paced, more realistic gameplay and more diversity of players
- good-looking faces of star players

My OF doesn't contain:
- updated kits (but team colours are correct)
- transfers from January 2016

Download link:



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Hi Santi, I was the one that asked the question on your you tube video regarding stat changes. Thanks for the reply.

I think you have done very good with your option file. I am starting to work on my one again after about 4 months break. I also do stat changes to make the CPU play better because after about 10 years of playing it is too easy.

Here is a link to the changes I made you may find them useful yourself, feel free to use any ideas. Check out post 2 of this link

It's good that people like yourself are keeping this fantastic game going :)


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Hi gee, I well know you and your option files from evo-web.
My OF is based on the Dazzla's OF 2011/12 plus my three-year work, using someone else's various other updates as well.
I definitely like to know that you are coming back to PES5 because I'm a big fan of this game too.
My next update should be focused on UEFA Euro 2016, covering 32 national teams of Europe as accurately as possible (with Albania and Iceland instead of Latvia and Finland).


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Hey, nice work with the patch, but I think you should show more of your kits (I'm the guy who asked about them on YouTube... sorry for my impertinence with this, but I can't find a way to work with them since I can't get my Kitserver to work with my PES5 for some reason).


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I have just ordered AR Max (ps2), I have downloaded your OF and have put it onto a USB drive in .max format, am I all set to go once my AR Max disc arrives? Thanks