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PES6 XBOX360 new screens


Registered User
i dont think i can wait for much longer now, the first screenshots that were released looked brilliant but these new ones look even better. The players have more character to them and they dont loook as plastic.

Jess C

Registered User
Yeah, the only real problem with KONAMI is the presentation and that looks fantastic now. Does anyone have any images of the edit mode on te 360 version, or a pic of Ricardo Quaresma?

L . F . C

Registered User
If they are actually from the game then I am impressed, I also love the way dida is diving, looks so much more realistic.

I've not really actually been bothered about Pro Evo 6 this year, but i'm still gonna get it, I just ain't getting hyped up. Im not gonna get a demo either, ruins the buzz when you get the game.

Am I right in saying it's released on 20th October?


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Listen Ya Tool These Are The Fookin Game Ingame Shats No Still Or Renders This Is He Power Of The 360 At Work You Complete And Utter Little Fanboy BullshiIt Unbeliever Assclown

And If You Dont Buy The Next Gen Pro Cause Its On The "darkside 360" You Are A Complete And Utter Loser
Get A Life Ya Dongs Sony Dont Give A phuk About You Or Us The Uk Thats Why the Ps3 Is Canned Till March And All The Companys Are Getting Pissed Offf At Sony
Now Virtua Tennis 3 Isnt Online For It Aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!scandal!

Just Buy Pro Evolution Soccer6 For The 360 If You Got A 360
If You Dont Buy One And Play Next Gen Pro
Stopp All This Ps3 Is Gonna Be Better Bullshiit Who Gives A phuk
One Thing I Know I Can Buy Smackdown And Pro Even Crappy Fifa All Next Gen And Online And The Ps3 Will Have To Wait For 9months Until The Fix The Ram Code Problem Which Is Killing It At The Moment Even Capcom Are Releasing Resident Evil 4 Just For The 360 For Nearly A Year!
Tony Hawks 8 Anit Online For Ps3 And A Lot Of Its Exclusives ARe Very Poor
Evensquare Enix Are Moaning To Sony And Are Releasinhg All The New Final Fantasy Games On All Formats Even The Wii
So Why Wait For A Console That Will Cost £450 And Wil Have No Online Games?

Get A 360 And Enjoy Games And Then In The Summer Buy A Discounted Ps3 Simple Isnt It


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Well done Darth Bulbous - most hideous post I've ever seen. You're correct though.

They clearly are in game shots. What a daft thing to say, sebbe.