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PeSpRo mkII's OptionF v1.0 (Work in progress)


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PeSpRo mkII: Have u upgraded Arsenal team for the file? My friend are huge arsenal fan and he has been pissed because arsenal team sucks in standard version. The other bothering thing in game is the text font size on players names. They are with capital letters. Hopefully u have noticed the same thing and made them smaller.

PeSpRo mkII

Registered User
OK, File Update:

Shakhtar, Boca and Slavia done.

International kits done.

Bundesliga 65% done.

EPL done. (Ish. Kits, some faces and stats done)

International players' fake names done.

Boots edited (Adidas +Predator lookee-likes in there, blank black and white boots also.)

File about 75-80% done I'd say.


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Team Formations etc.

To PeSpRo mkII

Hi, have upgraded team formations, like starting lineup, playing format and players abilities for the file? Or have u just renamed teams and players? (Like teams which have wrong name in game, like premier league teams?) Will u get it finished before Xmas? Hopefully...but thanks anyway.

PeSpRo mkII

Registered User
Hi, formations? I've never thought of that :huh:. If I watch MOTD before the file is out i'll get the most recent line ups from there.

Ive renamed all the teams with wrong names and edited the licensed teams names to easier to understand names.

Latest it will be finished by is 23 December, so release is on the horizon.

I have managed to make the French and Dutch U-23 teams on game, so the rest to go.

A lot of duplicates mind. Will be fixed in update.


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Hi! Today should be the release day of the option file! PeSpRo mkII: do u think that your file is the best available? Please recommend your file and tell why its better than others because I have difficulties choosing the best one.

Merry Xtmas

PeSpRo mkII

Registered User
Well N' Gala my file wouldnt be the best (this is my first crack at one) but its a more thorough file with a better detail.

Anyway the file is overdue I admit as I went away for xmas but i will be back home to finish the file after the January transfer period, so i will do my best to have it done a few days atfer.

Merry Christmas

Oh, I will give you guys the file if you want it as i have a flash drive with the file on me, but its unfinished, more of a BETA.

If you want it just ask ;)