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Pizza, Soup.

Should Arsenal Be Punished?

  • Yes Throw The Book At Em!

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • No They Did Nothing Wrong

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • Who Fucking Cares?

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Its Just ManYoo Compensating For Their Poor Form

    Votes: 6 40.0%

  • Total voters


Registered User
What are everyone's thoughts on the Soupgate at Old Trafford? United supposedly have a load of information about all the fracas. Is it a bit petty and merely mind games? Should anyone get fined or banned for it? Also the centerpiece of the whole thing is Henry's tackle on Heinze. Which I find odd, it seems like United are trying to tell the FA what to do. Had the FA thought it to be a particularly bad tackle wouldn't they have already charged him? Is this just becoming boring and out of control? Also witnesses say that Wenger went beserk in the tunnel and that sparked the whole thing....personally I would love to see Wenger go beserk. :D


Registered User
Thing is, we don't actually know what really went on in the tunnel. Basically, ignoring what happened in the match, throwing food at an opposing manager is pretty disgraceful. I'd expect that of a ten year old, and whoever did it is not setting a very good example to football fans around the country, so in that sense I think they should be punished. Although I don't think it should be a match ban as it really has nothing to do with the game just the player's conduct. But is a fine (small change to a footie star) really a punishment at all?

Half the problem at the moment is SAF and Wenger are letting their mind games go too far. I see Arsenal fan boys on forums say about Van Nistelrooy "what a horror challenge" make him out to be the biggest cheat in football history. They forget to mention what happened last season, in the tunnel this season, Pires is perfectly able of diving and I've seen some pretty minging challenges from Arsenal players (Bergkamp for instance) over the years. They seem to be Wenger's parrots, he has brain washed them and they have no thoughts of their own.

Hold your horses Arsenal fans... I'm going to say the same with United and SAF. They are completely the opposite, focusing on Arsenal's off the field antics etc and forgetting Ruud's dorty revenge tackle. I think had Keown been playing it might well have been him on the end of that...

Basically, United should concentrate on playing football - and getting themselves out of this hole they've been digging for a year. Arsenal, learn to be graceful in defeat - there's nothing I hate more than watching a sunday league match and watching 11year olds start moaning and winging and throwing tantrums when they're losing. I don't think this Arsenal side set a good example on this front. They can almost be forgiven, they'd probably forgotten what it felt like to lose...

That was a darn sight longer than intended

Definitely Maybe

Danny Collins for Brazil
What I dont understand is, these are the two top clubs in the country. What the hell were pizza and soup doing their in the first place? Wenger in particular pays alot of attention to players diets, so why are they being allowed to eat pizza after a game?


Registered User
I think whole affair is hilarious, but the fact that newspapers and Man United are taking it so seriously has ruined it.

I'd love to see the CCTV footage of it (if there is any) but other than that I really couldn't care about any FA report or United dossier.


Ace in the Pack
United will be taking action soon, I'm surprised Ferguson reacted with a smile despite soup having dirtied his suit.

Arsenal might be back to their rash ways against United, remember their past incidents???

Kicking out at players, elbowing players, jumping onto players, taunting players, and now even proceeding on to chemical means :D


Registered User
if it was against anyone else i wud say throw the book at them. but because i absolutely 110% hate man utd then i dint think they shud b punished (no offence man utd supporters)


115 and Counting...
I think that they should have thrown Bovril instead. Would have given Fergie a nice scent.


Registered User
Or piss bottles, concert style. That would've been better.

See some City joker put a sign saying 'No soup or pizza beyond this point' on the away dressing room at the weekend? True comedy!

uA - 1905

Registered User
Who the hell would eat pizza AND soup? That's fucking disgusting.
Maybe it's one of the bloody French. They eat frogs and snail, so it would be normal if they ate pizza and soup together.