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Player Fatigue


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I have just started playing PES again after buying FIFA the last two years. On PES 11 I remember player fatigue and injuries being pretty brutal. But so far this season on PES 2014 I have hardly had to change a lineup and have had 0 injuries. Am I just lucky or is this the same for everyone else?


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I have experienced the same thing. There are no injuries at all. Thinking about it, there isn't actually any management involved whatsoever. Even transfers are negotiated automatically...


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Same thing. I have played my players till their stamina meter is full blanked out black but still they perform in full flow. Its sad actually. Now it just seems to be a lot more of names that are put into teams. There's actually no need to know how well an individual is. That management aspect is gone.

Konami always..always... alllways removes stuff that actually works.. :( I just don't get why.


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after loaaaaaads of matches... iv only injured one player who had to retire.. and that was and exebihition match!

i kinda come from pes 11 too so i know the feeling, besides hard tackling isnt as cool as it was before (no momentum, aggresivenes etc....), in those days it was tackle-tackle -tackle-tackle the top scorrer of the league, or their best player, until i injured him. hahahah and he was out of action for 20 weeks when i was lucky hahahah

also when playing against mates it even coooler!

(a tear runs down my face)


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Also does anyone know what the different colors of the players means on the form/stamina screen?


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Konami always..always... always removes stuff that actually works.. :( I just don't get why.
It's so frustrating isn't it. It's almost like they can't bare to not fiddle with things. I just wish they would spend time fixing the things that need fixing rather than pissing about breaking the things that do work or adding things that people don't care about.

Pointless tweets to things that could have been left alone then completely removing things that actually made the game good.


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I think it will be better to wait after the patch in November because everything need fix on PES2014 presently.


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Fatigue and injuries are terrible in PES2014 they never appear

i skipped 6 season and i couldn't find 1 injury that's unbelievable crazy thing