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please help me defend!!


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I learned something tonight in turkish server (someone answered my desperate question about stealing the ball)
He said press run button and X. I tried it in the games - it worked. Of course I was pressing R1 (may be too long and get nothin) but if I press R1 + X, (at the same time once together) towards the opponent, this make a shoulder press also. Winning the ball and throwing the opponent a side. I lost many balls to this trick.

If you do it close the opponent it is very hard to overcome it for him.

Note: I see all servers other than my country (turkiye) as red dot in game lobbies. My connection is sufficent for local server but other countries (even the Greece which is close in the map) all red. So I had to play with my own country server most of the time. Is it so with your game servers?


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When I'm defending what I tend to do is use the pressure setting in the team style menu to set my team pressure to 70+ depending on who I'm playing and in the actual game I will use my controlled player to chase back to close down the attacker whilst pressing the 'call over another team mate button' (square on PS) untill one of the two players are close to the attacker. When they are close if I'm in front of the attacker then a well timed press of the x button should disposses them. If I'm beside them I would press x to get close, but not too close as you end up being held off and end up running alone side the attacker and you can't do anything else. So I stop pressing all buttons except sprint and run aorund to the front of them and take the ball or perform a slide tackle.

I hope this makes sense.....

I was wondering how to avoid getting held off by the player with the ball, thanks


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Best way to defend

You have to realise that most of your defending is done by the computer so first of all choose a team with a fairly good defence.Second,organize your defence.It is useful to always play a defensive midfielder in front of your defence and as close to your defence as possible.Thirdly, when using r1+ X to defend,watch carefully as your player rushes in to tackle an opponent and as he gets very close let go of r1 and hold onto only x.This will make your player slow down and go in for a more precise tackle instead of a wild lunge that will see him soundly beaten.It's tricky at first and requires good anticipation and timing but you are far more likely to win the ball.Please reply to me if this helps.


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tip for defending

when defending in pes2012(if you are using a ps3)the tendency is to rely on the X button.However I found an alternative which while a bit tricky, works wonders.It is using square +R1+ direction.Here's how to do it: Hold in square ,R1 and the direction of your goal.Your players will run back to close up spaces and the pressure will be tighter and harder.However the player applying the pressure will be the one closest to the ball and not the one you are controlling.If you ever let go of R1,he will stop running and give away dangerous space.Do not ever hold in the direction you are attacking towards or your players will start running towards the opposition goal exposing your defence.The player you are controlling will move backwards if you correctly hold in the combo and become part of the defence.This may sound complicted but it really isn't.Just try it.If it works send me a private message to let me know that I have helped someone else enjoy pro evo even more


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Maybe ..

Try using Mark settings and drop all your forwards and midfielders back by marking their strikers/midfielders etc . I learnt that from watching Chelsea in the CL last season :p