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Please keep at it, PES5 is wonderful.

Keyser Soze

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Hmmm, it'll come soon for me I think. Im starting to score more on 4* and am win consistently now so I'm gonna' give it a go on 5*. I started off with 5* but all I could get were 0-0 draws. Im finding it hard to put the killer ball through to set up the strikers, the :L1: and :triangle: lofted through ball aren't as effective as in PES4.


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- ThE G - said:
Hmmm, it'll come soon for me I think. Im starting to score more on 4* and am win consistently now so I'm gonna' give it a go on 5*. I started off with 5* but all I could get were 0-0 draws. Im finding it hard to put the killer ball through to set up the strikers, the :L1: and :triangle: lofted through ball aren't as effective as in PES4.

yea i'm exactly the same. cant seem to get anything other than a 0-0 or 1-0 win. i'm playing a premiership season with man utd on 5* and i'm struggling! 4th in the table 13 points behind! 15 wins, 8 draws and 3 defeats. only scored 31 goals, chelsea are top and have scored 52!

i'm getting really frustrated with the game now, i just cant seem to crack it, as soon as i think i'm doing something right the next game comes and it goes back to struggling again


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Same here , bloody sick of 0-0 and 1-0 score lines. This maybe the most realistic footy game out there but I'm not actually having much fun playing it. I'm playing it hoping that like the other games in the PES series as soon as you get used to it you start to enjoy it more but I'm starting to worry whether or not this will be the case.


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Yeah, this is exactly what many reviews of PES5 predicted.

At first it would be annoying, frustrating, disappointing, infuriating but then an amazing long range strike would go in, or a well constructed move would actually work or something exciting would happen to make you suddenly love it.

Seems to be happening this way.


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just GIVE IT TIME people!
In the beginning I had scorelines like 0-0 and 1-0 all the time. Maybe an occasional 2-0 or 2-1.
But now in my ML season I get all types of results on 6* 10 mins.
1-0, 1-1, 3-0, 2-1, 3-1!
It's all there. Trust me. The think is that the game is so unpredictable...
It kinda reminds me of PES1 in that aspect. One game I'm winning 3-0 and the next I lost to Lyon 0-1 lol!
It's all soo good! :)


when i played pro 4 i was unstopable. i lost once in the space of a year and i scroed roughly 6 goals per game. when i got pes5 i started to get pissed off andt thought that konami made it too hard.
the thing is that when i used to thrash people at pes4 i used to break forward very quickly and rush the game. whereas i'm back to winning ways no on pes5 because i calm down and take it easy. by calming down and making my passes more precise, i'm scroing more and more and making it simple again.

what people need to know is you shouldnt play this as if it was ps4, treat it like an entirely new game, play in your own style.


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I totally agree with most of you guys on here. pro 4 was easy and i did score loads of goals.

When PES5 arrived in my xbox i hated it. It was to hard. I struggled to score. Like most of you i was used to PES4 a fast paced game and i also rushed to score goals. I ragged players with 1 player. It was silly.

But over the last couple of days it clicked and i have forgot about PES4 gameplay and started again. the key is build up play. play it along the back 4, wait for openings dont force the issue. Its much more realistic. At the start of career on PES5 i played like PES4 i rushed tried to skin people with the best players, used the perfect through pass. (Left trigger+Y, on xbox). But it all went wrong!!

i was fuming with PRO5 the passes were not coming off(like PRO4 when a full back could make the perfect through pass) my play was rushed, oh how i fumed!! lol

But now the more i play the more i love it. I love the way you have to wait for openings and build up play to force the opposition out.

Now i cant get enough of the bloody game!!!!!

Roll on Home Time!


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Seabass is a goddamn genius. I bet he's been grinning away while reading the inevitable PES5 hate mail. He knows the score.

Jay-Jay Trotter

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I too have been struggling and seemingly either ending up with 0 -0 draws or losing 1- 0 -yet I still love this game -it has been tweaked to such a degree that it really does take more of a football brain to get results. I've started getting a few wins under my belt and some of the goals I've managed to engineer have made me feel really chuffed. This is how football is supposed to be -I love this game and the emotions it brings about during matches. definitely Better than PES4 despite my current tally of losses and lack of goal scoring. so I agree that those of you who hate it -persevere because it is worth it!


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I'm starting to get frustrated again. It's not the gameplay that bothers me- I've learned how to stop giving away free-kicks, its just the difficulty levels. 3-star used to be my benchmark, but on this edition i have found it near impossible to play on. I can even play better on 6-star for a while, tho' not consistently. 2-star is unrealistically easy-the computer players are incredibly slow. But the jump to 3-star seems massive! Has anyone else found this?


3* is surprisingly hard. In PES4, 6* was around the same difficulty. But, I think it's probably coz we're not used to the entire gameplay. It was the same when I first started playing PES4.

tom pain

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I clicked the other night, and went on to beat Classic France on 6*.:D

It's such a better game when it finally does.


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I think that the most PES gamers seem to be frustrated because they can't have walkovers like in other PES-games. The easy way of scoring those "scripted goals" like in previous versions is over. Now if you play 10 minutes it's hard too make more than 2 goals on 4 or 5 star level.

But seriously it takes time to master the 'new' gameplay. every year you could easily get back in to "your mastered pesskills" but now most people woulde rather have a PES that still plays the same!!

my point is; it takes longer than 3 games to get back on your PES level again. just wait and you ll see in a few weeks.


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Its not so much the fact that I won't be able to play it- I can with practice and effort. Its just that I seem to be getting more frustrated, bored and depressed when I play i than usual.


I've got used to it very quickly because i just jumped straight in on 5 stars instead of mucking about on the easy levels,now i play on 6 stars and i finished second in the league with Reece FC in my Master League.


The beautiful game
Its true what the hell has happend to the lofted through ball? not working at all well. Like yesterday played a few games didnt win one on 5*, whereas on some days i can beat teams such as england 4-0, 5-0.

This game requires you to be more clever to break the defence up, Seabass said in one of his interviews he might of made the defence's to hard to beat, and will change it for future pes.


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Super Cancel

I hope I broke no rules here but I just took what I typed and made a new thread out of it.


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Anyone finding that sometimes when you load up , all of the games seem very slow but then if you load the game again, it may be running as you would expect??? I play on 50hz and have found this more and more....trouble is, I only love the game when its running at the quicker more realistic pace, on the PS2 version has anyone else experienced this?