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I was under the impression that players were going to point into space for the ball and make intelligent runs in PES 6... it's a small point but I've still not seen any particularly intelligent runs into space and certainly no pointing - am I blind?

tom pain

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No. The amount of running off ball is quite shocking I've found. Example, running down the wing as the RB. As I attempt to draw in the LB for my winger to make a run into space, I've often over-taken the winger:no:


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yea exactly, and how many times do the side midfielders drop back to cover the space when you run forward as a full back? it's so annoying. and strikers make the worst runs, they dont even bother getting into the box when your out wide half the time. and if you've got the ball in the midfield they just stand there. it's shocking, even fifa (dare i say it) has better off the ball movement from it's AI


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I don't think the players' movements are that bad, other than the occasional lack of runs into the box when in possession out wide.

I think you have to stop expecting players to make certain runs, but rather learn the sort of runs that they make and pick them out. The radar's useful for this too.


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Also, remember to check the attacking arrows in the formation - I found when I first started with Liverpool that my strikers weren't running into the box for crosses and then realised that Liverpool's default formation has the strikers dropping deep causing them to kind of hover when they should be making runs into the 6 yard box


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I've noticed it's still not that good either - maybe I need to look at the settings.

One thing that also annoys me is the huge gap in the computer's A.I between Amateur and Regular playing levels. On amateur I was winning easily so I got bored and moved up to regular. But bloody hell it's much harder :lol:, you get no room at all . . they're like sheep around you once you receive the ball, shocking really. Maybe I just need to get used to it though.


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Yeah it pisses me off so much, the amount of times a player will be making a run only to stop dead still just before i pass it is terrible.


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I think its not that bad, it does also depend on who's got the ball, for eg when gerrard as the ball for LFC the attackers make decent runs. no pointing though.

Cellini 16

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the off the ball runs are quite intelligent i think, on harder levels, you have to open up play and let them run into space - my attacking midfielders are constantly surging into the box when my wingers drag the play out wide

Chuck Morris

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I hate the way players track back when being hit on the counter attack on PES6. They look like they can't be arsed and just simply stroll back into your own half, whereas the CPU manages to get everyone back to defend pronto.


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the runs are poor. some of the players run back when in a good position. it happened so much i aint a joke no more......... or maybe i just rubbish!!!!!!!! lol me rubbish thats the joke!lol