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Poll requests for team threads


Any chance of someone changing the Arsenal poll?

Who will Arsenal sign for in Goals in the summer?

Some bloke from Parts Unknown


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hi can you post a poll in real madrid thread ?!

Who is the defender who fits Real Madrid ?
1-Ashley Cole
3-Tiago Silva


I think the Arsenal Poll is due a change fellas if someone could arrange it.

What will Arsenal win this season?

Champions League
FA Cup
League Cup
Fair play award

That is all.

Billy Minof

La Decima
Real Madrid Thread is due a Poll lads.

Will Mourinho bring the Holy Grail(CL) back home.

Of course he will
Not a chance
Not this year but next
He wont last the season


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Can you put one in the Spurs thread.

Can they finish in the top 4 again this season or maybe where will they finish in the league? 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th?


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For the Arsenal thread:

Who will finish as our top scorer this season?

Samir Nasri
Marouane Chamakh
Cesc Fabregas
Andrei Arshavin
Theo Walcott
Robin Van Persie
Nicklas Bendtner
Emmanuel Eboue


EDIT: :faceplm:


New Arsenal poll

What exactly is wrong with Arsenal?

A: The club hasn't the money it claims to have
B: The Board are raking in the profits and won't reinvest
C: Arsene Wenger has lost control of the situation
D: Arsenal's representatives 'middle men' are a failblog case
E: Arsenal have been unlucky
F: All of the above


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I'd go B out of those. The money is there. They are filling a big stadium, the tickets are expensive, and they usually make a profit in the transfer window. All that adds up to BIG profits.


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I'd like a Poll for my pitiful QPR thread please

Will QPR get relegated?

No, Cisse and Zamora will see you through
No, but only because everyone else is that much worse
No, you'll do a Wigan and pull it out of the hat
Yes, if you pick Fitz Hall what do you expect
Yes, just because everyone hates Barton
Yes, good riddance to Championship crap