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Problems selling players in ML

Dewayne Li

Registered User
Hello, im currently experiencing a problem in ML. (PES 2015). I can'y sell players, even though i've put them on sale. This is actually lasting for about 5 seasons, where i was not able to sell even 1 :( Each season i wanna buy new players and that makes up a team completely full of players. Maybe the only way to get rid of them is to release, but I don't want to do so. What can i do? :/ Anyways, i'm just searching for answers: Why can't I sell them? --Because i see that there's no teams in contact with the players.--- PLEASE HELP. REPLIES ARE APPRECIATED.


It is happening again
I've never had this issue. Have you kept them on sale for the whole 5 seasons? You should probably try taking them off the transfer list, then put them back on it. Maybe wait a week or so. That might "refresh" it? It's a bit of a bollocks suggestion, I know, but it might work. I've had issues loaning out players on a few occasions, and that seems to have done the trick occasionally, of course that could just be coincidence.
Since you can't lower the asking price or anything like that, there's not really much you can do.


That is very strange indeed. I've noticed if the player does not play very often he will not be wanted by the clubs, even if you transfer list him. But this happening for every player...

Try to take them all out of the transfer list permanently if Ali's suggestion fails. And please remember that AI only makes offers during the Summer.