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PS2 - Online Group


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Online Group

I started to play PES 2008 online a couple of days ago. I was wondering if pesgaming members have an online group. If there is one what is the name of the group? I just wanna play some enjoyable matches with people playing this game for real. Cause all I have faced are runners by now. If there are non-runner players let me know so we can play together? My online name is TR53.


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ow do u set up ur ps2 online mate

i wanna start playin pro 2009 online but im not sure how to set my ps2 up to the internet like

any help?


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Have u got an ethernet cable?

If you have, simply put the ethernet cable into your PS2 at the back and the other end of the cable into your PC...

Happy days


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It still should work....

Plug one end of your ethernet cable (An RJ45 (Click here)) into the back of your PC. Then plug the other end of the cable into the back of the PS2.

Turn off your firewall on the PC and load up the PS2.

I havent played PES2009 yet so im just gonna run off the 2008 settings which i got mine working from.

Go to Network.

Add a new network.

Fill in details.

Do not enabled PPPoE settings.

Automatically find DNS etc.


That should have you on your way mate... If not, just ask an i'll try an help more :)