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[PS2] PES 2010 Editor v. 1.2 - by Fanbros


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I see no one has posted yet the 1.2 version of PES 2010 Editor done by Fanbros some months ago, so here it is.

PES Editor 2010_v1.2

1.) Export of players from PES2009 OF. From for that that arrangements of some teams in PES2009 does not correspond in PES2010 it is necessary to change the country after export.
For example you export the German football player from PES2009 and so Germany is located on 10 positions and in PES2010 on 10 positions France is located, you will simply change the country

2.) In Stats Adjust are added the list of national teams
Also work function is changed, now at a choice of a team it is not excluded also changes occur only on the chosen team

I have begun only studies programming in Java if to me somebody helps me, I can export the data from OF to a database

PES Editor 2010_v1.2

As you may have seen, the new feature of this editor is to import players from PES 2009 to PES 2010.
The editor suffers of some bugs on imported players' nationality, but it's almost perfect.

All credits goes to Fanbros and, obviously, to D4V0r and Compulsion



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