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[PS2] PES4 option file - PESfan V3 patched version update for x-port and max drive


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Scorps option file

Hi there, looking to get the bin and cue this Scrops option file but when i try to download from the link in the first page i always get "This IP .................. is not allowed to use the free-service anymore today. We detected very extreme downloads. Don't worry! This has not to be your fault." which means i can never download it. Anyone have any ideas how i could get this file, could someone possible email/send via msn?

Thanks for all the work you guys do,


[email protected]


Knucklehead McSpazatron
Zygalski said:
You transfer it from your PC to your memory card using either an x-port or a max drive.

How many thousand times have you had to say that Zyg?


Knucklehead McSpazatron
cbbcisace said:
Where is the actual option file??? i cant see it

In the first post of this thread - right at the bottom are some 'attached files'. Click on the one you want to download it.


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Zygalski said:
PES4 Option File.

Attached at the end of this post are the x-port and max drive versions of this new option file.

This is a modified version of the pesfan V3 option file, with kits edited to default and kit text adjusted so it can be used with a patched version of PES4.

Use this option file with jonboyo's patches to see patched kits (which are burned onto the patched disk, not stored on the option file).
This option file is not supposed to be used with the default (unpatched) version of the game so if you use it with an original PES4, you will only see the default kits.

great option file whens v4 out?

Download this modified option file from
The original pesfan V3 option file can be found at

Check here for more details on the contents of the pesfan V3 file.

To find out how to patch your PES4, check this guide] and other sticky threads in the General Editing section.

Thanks to pesfan people
and markanddawn, Zygalski & jan110.

This post also contains the bin and cue version of this file, thanks to jan110.

Post #10 contains the shops items locked version of this file, thanks to jan110.

***I added a para_we8.bin too of this version. If you replace this file with the same file in your 0_text.afs then all changes are permanent. So that means that the edited stats are also in the ML!



It's great that so many people chose to try to download attachments today.

Read this to find out why the attachment is no longer there. Someone should upload it soon.


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can someone add the Xport file please...max drive does me no justice...even though i can use it but i prefer xport