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[PS2] PES5 Option File with Wolves & Leeds V2


Ex-Classic Creator
This is how to do it:

1.Go into edit mode
2.Edit team
3.Select leeds
4.Select Strip
5.Select chest logo
6.Select logo 1
7.Then into Select Logo
8. Now find the left half of the logo (2nd page, near the middle)
9. Select that and go to the move option to line it up

DONE! Hope that helps.

timo the owl

Registered User
how do you insert badges in to the game?
what it is i have the championship saved on my pc and want to put them on to my ps2?


Registered User
Are Classic teams unlocked?

Just because I prefer not to have them in ML - Can someone tell me before I download as I don't want to make a bin/cue unless this is the case

Also are any shop players unlocked?


Ex-Classic Creator
All the classic players are locked and the only ones that are unlocked are ones needed for teams. i.e. Paul Ince for Wolves


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paulcollins10 said:
did you manage to get one for the xbox by any chance?
Think this might help:

vakouftsis said:
Pes fan editor,open a pc option file ,open of2 level6 option file xport version.Now go at options or tools and press of2>of1 thats it,press save and you have your level6 option file except editable boots.This works with xbox too.:applause:

Sorry guys for not getting a X-Box and PC vevrsion ready for download.


Ex-Classic Creator
Level6 said:
Thanks a lot for helping out people Krookwk ;)

It's the least I could do mate for the optionfile, it's helped alot.

I'm thinking of doing a "best of" optionfile starting in the new year, which will have all the best players from classic to current for ALL the teams in the game. I will use your optionfile as a base to start so thanks again.


Registered User
I read that thing about changing the PC file to the xport one, but I have got a xbox max drive! Can some please tell me where I can download the pes 5 option file v2 or this option file for the xbox in a max drive format.
If not can someone send it to:
[email protected]


Registered User

sorry to be thick, i'm not really experienced with that... i don't understand how to convert your option file (which looks so yummy i'm drooling ^^) to a PC version, if that is at all possible. the quote you gave above is confusing, since it tells about opening a _PC_ file to convert it to an _XBox_ one.

thanks in advance =)


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Just like to add my name to the list of Xbox Max Drive owners gagging for this option file.

Just wanted to post to make me feel like I was doing something.

x x x


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Yeah, it's PLF stats.


BTW....i'll be converting this OF to PC and hopefuly X-Box....tomorrow...sorry guys for the delay AGAIN.