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[PS2] & [PSP] Ultimate British Master League Opt File v3.3 (2008/09 Season)


New Member
I've got a problem with my psp and pes2008.
My Pes2008 does not recognize the Option Files that can download here.
I put the files in PSP\SAVEDATA\ULES008800013000 folder.
When i start he game, it says :THERE IS NO OPTION FILE.

I tried to load the files in System settings and edit mode. --> No option files.

Can someone plz help me??

I have the same problem. I use the U.S. version PSP - would that be the reason? I have uploaded other files before. Is there a link to an updated U.S. version of the PSP OF?


New Member
Hi, I know it can sound a bit "noob", but, how can I extract an option file to my memory card on PS2?
Thanks! =)


Registered User
Sounds like you memory card got corrupted... back up your saves excluding the corrupted pro evo files on the usb stick... then format the memory card in Max Evo... by pressing square on it when selecting the memory card to view.. then UNCRUSH everything back over to the memory card from the usb stick, including a fresh copy of the option file (.max), (remember to select uncrush to memory card)... then your done...


I think there slightly more accurate tbh.. the big boss file was tweaked upto 5-10 % with some players for the french teams.....

if when i want save league/cup on my max memroy card and it says error failed what do i do