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PS2 Update


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Should work as uploaded just about 5 minutes ago.

Ok, so I got fed up with the new Pro Evo's and decided to update Pro Evo 5 a bit. Credit is due to another couple of people on this site, as my Option File is a mixture of two others and alot of my own work. I can't remember the guys who did the other option files but thank you to them.

Anyway - I have tried to edit as much as I can up-to-date but mainly focused on updating the English Teams.

English League:

All correct player names
Transfers correct up to transfer deadline day (there are a few missing - should not take long to sort though)
Kits, sponsers etc... as close as I can get them.
Formations and player numbers are close to real life (player numbers wrong for some teams)
Young players added into certain clubs eg... Wilshere, Welbeck, Gibson, Clark, Bannan, Spearing, Stanilas etc...

Added 4 Championship sides - Forest, Derby, Swansea and Sheff Wed. All player appearances, stats etc... might be a little off but have done best I could in time permitting. These teams can be found in French & German League's overwriting two teams in each.

French, German, Italy, Spanish & Rest of Europe:

Not too much emphasis on these league's as I usually do a English ML season.

However, I have tried to do transfers where possible - most the big one's have been done - and added some young players eg... van der Wiel, Hazard, Keirrison etc... into the top European clubs.

Again all kits, formations & player numbers have not really been focused on but good enough for the game to be highly enjoyable.

Other things I have done on the game:

Tried to give each England League team a unique ground (basically re-named other stadiums to that of the England League teams home stadium) so you will find a-lot of the European clubs play at the same ground. This can easily be changed back but again as I play English ML it has been done with this in mind.

I have added on a-lot of U21 players from England, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil & Argentina. Most of these (if they are not at a European club) can be found on the freebies list. Also added some rising stars - Dentinho, Sandro etc... Again, stats and player likeness done to the best of my knowledge. Lot of the likeness' I've hazard a guess at as I don't have the time to spend weeks trawling Internet to find them.

Each player has an injury rating of 'B'. Makes the game more realistic as more injuries will now occur during a Master League or Cup season.

Removed duplicate or 'classic' players. When I got the option file I noticed whoever had done it had added a-lot of random players into different clubs. Where I have managed to find these they have been removed and sorted.


Again, credit to the other guys whose option files I used to help me do this.

As I've said, their are mistakes and I have basically spent any spare time (which ain't a-lot with a fiancee and 2 young boys at home) on this and was done primarily for my own usage but might as well make it available for you guys.

Enjoy :)


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How do I make a PC version?

I have all of purplehazes' editor programs. Can it be done using the save builder?

I'm new to all the PC editing, have usually done it on the PS2 until I found that PES5 Editor.

I'll have a gander and see what I can do.

Anyone downloaded the file yet? Has it worked ok and what do you think?

Might have another update soon as I am cotemplating updating the national squads (probably just European). Teams like Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine etc... are a bit out of date so will have a look. Plus since I linked the file I've done a few more transfers etc...


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I downloaded. It is amazing, really. There are so many new players in the premier league, and everything is up to date. The random players are replaced with the actual players. It is great you added a lot of young players. I really like this file, I would say it is the best one out right now.


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Glad you liked it, thanks for the positive feedback.

Started a ML other night as Newcastle. Their squad is thread-bare after selling a few during summer. Thought it would be a challenge to start in ML D2 and see if I can get them back to the top. Just had first transfer window and signed Bocanegra, Marvin Andrews, Santana, Gourcuff and McCormack.

Also managed to sign a couple of old duffers in Palermo and Figo. Palermo has good strength as a target man and scored on his debut. However he is as slow as a coach horse and his hair cut annoys me (On the replay I actually thought Colocinni had knocked it in!!). As for Figo he's looking like a waste of 2000 points!! Thought he'd add that touch of class to my team yet he just seems to stroll around down the right and get tired alot. Think he needs to be played in a Central roll with a low defensive arrow so he doesn't have to cover much ground.


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Stu, have you been able to use the PESFan Editor 5.08? I’ve been trying to use it and the save editor, but can’t figure either out. It recognizes the computer files, but not my max file (PS2). Any suggestions?