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[PS2] WE 2008 Juventino OF


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I'm proudly releasing my option file for PS2 game World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (Winning Eleven 11) !

The option file will come in 2 editions :
- Zero
- Deluxe

The "Zero" edition contains all corrected teams names, players names, cups & leagues names, stadiums names and edited kits (incl. sponsors, emblems, kits formulas, flags, supporters colors). For that, I based myself on my PES 2008 (PS2) OF which I improved by adding all missing badges for the national teams, all the missing technical sponsors for the national teams and reviewing all the kits.

You can see more details int he detailed release notes.

The Zero edition has been released as such for anyone wanting to start an editing project for the original season of that game. For instance, by doing the transfers which I did not do on purpose (I wanted to keep the original DB) or fill the "Other League C" with the league of their choice.

The "Deluxe" edition - not released yet - will have all the Zero features with the "Other League C" filled with extra teams among which all the missing clubs to get the full UCL 2007/08 group stages.

Full release notes

* Juventino OF *

This option file has been created for PS2 game World Soccer Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The objective of this option file to fix the fake names, improve the visual aspects (kits, ...), fix identified Konami mistalkes (wrong player age, ...) but leave the original gameplay untouched (no stats adjustements, no transfer, ...).

This will make the "Zero" edition which can also be used as a starting point for other projects.

On top of that, a "Deluxe" edition is also provided, where the goal is also to make this OF as complete as it can be by filling the editable league (Other League C) with additional teams with players in the shop or edited based on their stats in other PES, WE or JL games.

Each edition of fhis option file is provided as an unlocked version : 0 WE points and all items in the shop are unlocked.


Zero features :

- Stadiums names
- Leagues and cups names
- FA Premier League clubs names
- FA Premier League clubs kits (emblems, logos, sponsors, kit formulas, ...)
- National teams players names incl. call names when available thanks to another licensed player who has the same name
- National teams kits (emblems, technical sponsors and kit formulas)
- Hidden players names (and first names) incl. call names when available thanks to another licensed player who has the same name
- Classic players names incl. call names when available thanks to another licensed player who has the same name
- Classic team kits
England : Euro 96 for home, GK1 and World Cup 98 for away and GK2
France : Euro 84 for home, GK1, GK2 and World Cup 86 for away
Germany : World Cup 86
Italy : Euro 2000
Netherlands : Euro 1988 for home, GK1, GK2, World Cup 1990 for away
Argentina : World Cup 1986 for home, away, GK1 and 1985 for GK2
Brazil : World Cup 1998
- Duplicate players appearances (preset face if available, ...)
- Fixed Konami errors :
Vassel name fixed to Vassell (Manchester City FC)
Javier Garrido name fixed to Javier Garrido (Manchester City FC)
Vallejo (Colombia) age fixed from 27 to 30
Braszczykowski name fixed to Blaszczykowski (Poland)
Davidovic name fixed to Davidovich (Israel)
- Improvements :
Roberto Baggio got his proper haircut assigned
Bebeto got his signature celebration assigned
Angelo Peruzzi got his haitcut and beard updated
Kazu Miura got his signature celebration assigned
- PES United kit (Adidas with Konami sponsor) and WE United kit (Nike with Konami sponsor)
- Created players for ML :
Dario Hübner
Fabrizio Ravanelli
Luis Hernández
- Sweet Years logo created as an Easter egg for PES 4


Deluxe additional features :

- Still to come


Credits :

- Thanks to marqisspes6 from EvoWeb for his tools and support
- Thanks for compulsion for his tools
- Thanks to PES Miti del Calcio for Dario Hübner and Luis Hernández stats
- Thanks to pitufin16 for Luis Hernández face (jaw width has been increased)



Belgium Nike Home Kit

Cameroon Puma 2nd GK Kit

Mexico Adidas Home Kit

Classic Argentina.PNG
Argentina Lecoq Sportif Home Kit (World Cup 86)

Chelsea Adidas Home Kit

All national teams badges are present as well as their technical sponsors

Luis Hernandez.PNG
Some legendary players have been created for ML teams

Download links
- PS2 WSWE 2008 Juventino OF

Happy WE gaming !



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The Dude

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Great work. I will download it tonight. I need a break from editing because I just finished my PES 6 OF and I want to play it. Later, I will use your base OF and add the Bundesliga.