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PS3 Online pes 2014


Registered User
Hi there, can we have some sort of acknowledgement that ps3 online is being looked at? The lag, slowdowns and 1 sec delay on button inputs has rendered the game unplayable.

Really poor from konami to release it in this state, looks like you going to lose what few supporters you had left to fifa. :(


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I thought online wasn't operational yet. it worked perfectly fine last year in in PES2012 why wouldn't it work well this year? I only play online so this is vital that it works well.


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Online is the drizzling sh*ts on the ps3. Unfortunately. I have not gone on for a week due to the issues mentioned in the op also to as the advanced throughball bug really ruins the experience


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online is a fucking JOKE on PS3 end of story

I agree!!

PES2015 seems to be a great game on DEMO wich can be played only in offline mode.

So, we bought PES2015 to play online and... JOKE!
The same PES2014 with the same errors...

What does konami think about it?!