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[PS3] ste_s87 Summer Transfers Option File 1.2 (BETA) *OUT NOW*


Registered User
Hi there...

Are you going to have in your new updated option file the teams that are new in champions league and europa league???

This would be great...

Thanks for your time...


Registered User
Hi Guy...

At long last I download the file from first page link....:w00t:w00t:w00t

I ignore why before I'cant download It...

But now I'm Happy...:D:D:D:D

Thanks to all....

Ah... For the next season... cos' PES buy the Champions League 09/10 Right...

I believe that the cover of the game Will look like this....

(PS: I'm Too Lazy to change the write "PES 2009" :p )

Hilarious, that.


Registered User
Update Hopefully!?!

Hopefully if everything goes to plan OF COULD be out tonite if not it'll be around sep 12th.:w00t


Registered User
i hope so as well, not many transfers today very disapointed, was hoping newcastle were goner surprise me with some free transfers but hey


Registered User
Looks pretty cool the summer transfer one.

One query, on the premier league new kits, you havent got the new Chelsea ones.
Are they not there or did you just miss them out by mistake?

Cheers man


Registered User
None of them look anywhere near as good as they do above! What option file are those pictures from, 'cause they sure as hell ain't from yours.


Registered User

where abouts on pesfan did you find those kits i just looked and cant find any ive done my own but want to compare