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[PS4] LigaPro - Portuguese Second League


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Hi to all,

I've made the LigaPro (Portuguese Second League), converting the stats from FM2020 to PES2020 using SMcCutcheon tool/converter.

It contains:

All LigaPro Teams with logos, kits, managers, stadiums, rivals, players appearances and stats.

All the kits were made by philips_99 and the players appearances by me.

This league replaces PEU League and can be used with any other Option File. Usually the other Option Files use PEU League for Bundesliga. If you're using other OF that contains Bundesliga, don't import Bundesliga teams.

You have to adjust the League so it has only the LigaPro teams.

On the Import Teams you need to allow to replace all that exists (you tick all the boxes during import).
You have to import the competitions also.

If have any doubt just ask here.

The link to download is here:

Madwolf LigaPro OF

PS: phillips_99 will work on a option file that will replace Spanish Leagues with Portuguese Leagues so it will allow using it on Master League with promotions and relegations. But don't know how much time to finish it.


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Great work! :thumbsup:
As you mentioned, I'm currently working on a version for Master League and Become a Legend. Not sure when it will be finished, but it might be quite faster now.

Portuguese Master League on PES 2020 will become a reality soon :)


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É pena alguns jogadores das equipas B não estarem presentes, como o Fábio Vieira , de resto o patch está 5* :D