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[PS4] PES 2018 BOC - complete OF by various Editors


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Great OF :) installed and played very well. Some managers must be updated but is a little thing :p


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Hi friends,

I have two questions:

1\ where is link for v.1.4 All in one? I don't see it in first post.

2\ is there any possibility to put J-League instead of Chinese League?

Best wishes,


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I have reached out to Emerson and his team with my update to improve their classic squads. Now both teams are extremely close and there are no weak subs, and I figured I'd share here as well in case anybody wants it.

ps: make a backup of your current classics in case you wish to revert back

Download is here: Teams edited by Guimengo.rar?dl=0

Players created: Henry, Matthäus, Rivaldo, Júnior, Jorginho, Falcão, Adriano, Mozer, and Michael Laudrup. Edited stats for most so it's more reasonable to their "best ever" versions, as well as formations and numbers. Corrected appearances of some players too, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo most notably.

You can see main players changed here:


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does anyone know if/when konami will update the faces for all teams? i've noticed subotic and zagadou do not have a face...???
i thought dortmund was licensed...?

many thanks


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data pack 2 will be released in 2 days.

can someones please tell me the order for everything?

for example, download game, install all data packs, then overwrite everything with option file 1.4??

or do i install the data pack after installing option file 1.4? i'm worried the updated faces will not overwrite the old faces from OF1.4


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Sorry to be a nuisance, but could the OP repost the link for the most comprehensive file, I'm on ps4?

I've never done an option file import before, and it's a bit overwhelming.

Whichever is the best file is the link i would like.

Thank you.


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thanks for the option file and all who created well done guys! im a bit stuck how do i tranfer the teams to the correct competitions bundeslega etc thanks b

PES Buck

Staff member
Anyone noticed any conflicts with the new update?
Quick look here is what I have seen.

All the leagues are back to out of alphabetical order.

Need to move Bundesliga teams back. Same with either Chinese Super League or J-League depending what you have.

They added Chacarita Juniors so now the fake Chacarita Juniors needs replaced.

Under Other European Teams, I have a Co Blue White with only 16 players....haven't really looked but think that is SC Bastia that was originally in Ligue 2 since they have added Paris FC.

Haven't played any games to see if how game fixes are.

john tsios

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Hello Rawkus!!!!I have the v1.3 installed and it's great!!!!I noticed that you have uploaded a v.1.4 later and i haven't installed it yet.....SO...after the konami dlc v2 update what should i do????Do i have to install the v 1.4 over the v.1.3 or delete the v.1.3 and install the v.1.4 after????Which boxes of the konami's update should i check or don't check and which one should i install first....the konami's update or v.1.4 of your option file??please give me instructions step by step to install everything right!!!!Sorry for my bad english!!!!Thanx in advance!!!