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[PS4] PES 2020 LigaPro (Second Portuguese League) Option File


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After many and many months of work, it's finally here!

by @philips_99 and @wolf_cesar


Download Link:

IMPORTANT NOTE for Bundesliga users: The Option File replaces two teams from PEU League and that might clash with your Bundesliga Option File. If you use a Bundesliga option file and you want to keep it, don't install the Chaves and Nacional teams that come with the default Option File. Instead, download and import this file, which will import Chaves and Nacional over 2 teams from Other Europe instead (it uses Wilrijk PW and SI Pink Black):

How to install, please watch (the text on the video is in portuguese but I added english captions on Youtube as well):

FAQ (I recommend reading):
Does it work on PC as well?
It was made for PS4, but it might work for PC as well. I don't have the game for PC though, someone will have to test it for me.

Does it replace any leagues/teams?
The teams from this option file replace the 2nd Spanish Division and also 2 teams from PEU League - Marguaparrena and Serignaluca (for Chaves and Nacional, respectively) - so, those who have a Bundesliga OF installed need to be careful! I made an alternative version of Chaves and Nacional which import over Wilrijk PW and SI Pink Black so you can keep your Bundesliga teams if you have them, read the "IMPORTANT NOTE" above for more info.

What teams are included?
This option file includes 16 teams from LigaPro + 8 teams from Campeonato de Portugal (3rd division). It does not include the 'B' Teams (reserve sides from Benfica and Porto that play in the 2nd league) because the game does not recognize them as B teams, therefore, they would play in the Cup, be promoted, etc. and that would not be realistic so I prefered to replace them with teams from the 3rd division. In addition to that, the Campeonato de Portugal teams are needed to complete the league, since 2nd Spanish division has more teams than LigaPro. I also include my custom Liga NOS option file (which add stadium names/images/details, sponsors, banners and an extra 3rd kit for Vitoria Guimarães that for some reason was not made by Konami).

Is there promotion/relegation in Master League?
Yes! In fact, this option file was designed with that in mind, it was the main goal of the whole thing. After you install the teams, you need to re-organize the teams so you have Liga NOS over the 1st Spanish League, and as LigaPro is over 2nd Spanish League there will be promotion and relegation between them on Master League :)

Can I still keep the Spanish League (La Liga)?
Yes, you can keep the First Spanish Division, this Option file does not replace the teams from La Liga, you just need to move the 20 La Liga teams to PEU League and adjust the competition settings to make La Liga there.

What about Bundesliga?
Bundesliga is a bit more tricky because the PEU League, which is usually where Bundesliga is created, is going to be used for La Liga. But you can keep the 18 Bundesliga teams if you move them to where the Liga NOS used to be located, but you won't be able to edit the name and logo so you'll have the Bundesliga teams playing on Liga NOS. But at least the teams will be there. Also, the default option file uses two teams from PEU League, which might clash with your Bundesliga teams. However, I made a fix for this: If you have a Bundesliga OF, don't install Chaves and Nacional from the default Option File; instead, download and import Chaves and Nacional from here instead: . This will install Chaves and Nacional over Wilrijk PW and SI Pink Black on Other European Teams section, meaning you'll only lose two teams from Other Europe and you will keep your Bundesliga teams intact.

Ok, I'm installing but now it says I have no space/no more space for images?
Unfortunately, image slots are limited, so if you don't have enough space you might have to delete some images you are not using. I recommend you to delete every image (logos, kits, sponsors, stadium and manager images) related to Second Spanish division since this option file replaces it and those images will not see any use. If you still have no space, perhaps check the high-quality kits section (large 'L' format) as well and delete or change/re-import some to lower quality (small 'S' format), since Large kits occupy a lot of space (you can import like 3-4 kits in small size instead of one kit in large size).

I checked the teams and there are many players that are being treated as "Added in Live Update", why?
In order not to replace the players from the 2nd Spanish division I used a method (using SMcCutcheon excel tool) to add brand new players as if they were live update players. This way, not only you keep the 2nd Spanish division players in the free agents section in case you want to use them for something, but you also don't have wrong minifaces in the gameplan. It's a win-win situation!

Why does your Liga NOS use that black squared logo instead of the one that's already in the game?
That black, square logo is the one used on the sleeves, so using it as league logo makes sure the teams still have the real league sleeve logo

Why the little dots/squares on the name of the league?/Why Liga -NOS- instead of just Liga NOS?
It was just a way to differenciate from the default, licensed Liga NOS that is in the game and which we can't edit. You can delete those little dots if you want the name of the league to be the exact same.

Do you plan on doing it for PES 2021/Do you plan on updating it for 2020-21 season?
Right now, no updates are planned. Perhaps in the future, but now I'll work on other projects.
EDIT (03-10-2020): For the reasons mentioned on a post below, I'm now considering updating the project to PES 2021.

Any more questions feel free to ask.:)

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I'm going to soon release an alternative file for Chaves and Nacional (that will import those 2 teams over Wilrijk PW and SI Pink Black instead of the PEU teams), for those who wish to keep Bundesliga intact. If you have a Bundesliga that you want to keep, wait a bit more (I think by tomorrow I'll have it done, maybe even this night).

UPDATE: Just released that update. You can download it here:
So, if you have Bundesliga, don't import Chaves and Nacional that come in the regular Option File, download these two .teds and install those instead. That way you'll only lose two teams from Other Europe and will be able to keep all Bundesliga teams.
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For PC users: someone on PC said they weren't able to install. It was giving an error importing. However, after some testing, it seems like it worked when importing without stadium and sponsor images. So, if you are on PC and have trouble installing, try to install without stadium and sponsor images (remove them from the folder), then, if you want, apply them manually.

If anyone knows any more info about this bug/problem please share


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For PC users: someone on PC said they weren't able to install. It was giving an error importing. However, after some testing, it seems like it worked when importing without stadium and sponsor images. So, if you are on PC and have trouble installing, try to install without stadium and sponsor images (remove them from the folder), then, if you want, apply them manually.

If anyone knows any more info about this bug/problem please share
That is the workaround for PC (I think manager images too)-- alot better than last year where we had to convert the files.


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That is the workaround for PC (I think manager images too)-- alot better than last year where we had to convert the files.
Well then I guess we already found the best "solution" available for the problem ;) . Thank you.
I don't know about manager images because I haven't included those, but it makes sense that if stadium images don't work manager images won't either. At least kits and logos work.


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Some news: After some thinking, I'm considering moving on to PES 2021, so I'm thinking about making LigaPro for PES 2021 once again.

All of a sudden my laptop completely crashed and I think the hard drive got damaged (hence why I was absent from the forum for some days). I had lots of editing stuff there I don't know if I will be able to recover (highly unlikely) and stupid me didn't make a backup of my PES 2020 editing files (all I have is the stuff I post on the drive and a few more on a USB flash drive, but all my templates are gone). Also lost most of my old PES 2018 stuff that I thought I had a backup but, to my surprise, I didn't.

I still want to edit PES, but I don't feel like re-doing the kits and other stuff I was doing on my PC, so I'll take this as an opportunity to start fresh. However, if I'm going to "start over", it better be on the newest version of the game. Plus, this year PES it's cheaper (due to being just a "season update"). I still haven't got the game, since I will be waiting until the 22 October update to see what it will do, but if that doesn't completely destroy my plans I'll probably get the game, and try to convert the 2020 files to make the editing process go faster. Perhaps I'll use the 2019-20 kits for some time while I don't get the newest ones made.

Right now, I'm taking note of the players in each team and see how many are already in game (according to PESMaster), which ones were already done on this PES 2020 patch (it would save a lot of time, specially on the faces) and which ones will have to be done from scratch (from what I see so far, it is still a good amount of players, but still, more than half were already done and if I could convert them it would speed up the editing process a lot)

Hey, perhaps with the newest update we will have some more "fake"/generic teams in Other Europe? Aves and Vitória Setúbal are in there now but the players are generic, I hope they make them completely fake/editable because I would love to do a European teams file as well (just like I did on PES 2018), but I need them not too remove any of those generic teams and perhaps add more (are the italian/swiss leagues updated yet? I believe there are still teams relegated last year in there that could be turned into generic teams perhaps, but I better not dream about it!)

So, no promises, but LigaPro on PES 2021 is now a possibility. It all depends on how will the 22 Oct update change the game and whether or not I can convert and re-use the 2020 files (I've seen some things on this forum about it but I can't try them yet)

I've also noticed that the video of the option file (the one with the download link and instructions) have reached 1000 views and almost 40 likes in not much more than a month, and the trailer also has 600+ views. That is amazing, specially considering that
1. The OF was released at the end of PES 2020 life
2. The LigaPro isn't a league many players outside of Portugal would even want to play
and 3. My youtube channel is very small (I rarely post videos anyway). Even so, my subscriber count more than doubled (from 25 to 52 right now lol), and that shows at least some people are interested on this league and this option file. That said, I want to thank everyone who supported this project!


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After a couple of days organizing a spreadsheet and checking what players have already been done (and which ones haven't) for 16 LigaPro teams, this is the panorama:

The "Players in 2020 LigaPro OF" represents how many players have already been done on this option file for PES 2020 and which I'll hopefully be able to convert, saving a lot of time. Still, there's a lot of new players that will need to be done (even more after I finish considering the extra 3rd division teams), but this spreadsheet represents a "worst case" scenario since it currently includes some players that haven't played this season so I don't know if they are still in the team or not, and also several youth players (which are listed as being on the team but haven't actually played) so there might be less players to do than listed on there.

Also, once again, I'll have to get 8 extra teams from the 3rd division in order to fill all the slots of the 2nd spanish division and be able to use LigaPro properly on Master League. And once again the 8 choosen ones will be based on the performance of the teams last season. Campeonato de Portugal, the 3rd division, which was divided in 4 series of 18 teams each (A, B, C, D), was canceled due to the pandemic last season, and the 2 teams with the most points of the 4 series were promoted, Vizela and Arouca. So, I'm adding the 2 remaining first places (Praiense and Olhanense), the 4 second places (Fafe, Lusitânia Lourosa, Benfica Castelo Branco and Real SC) and the 2 third places with the most points, excluding 'B' teams (Alverca and Sporting Espinho).

Once I have more stuff done (kits, etc.) I'll probably start a creation thread on the PES 2021 section, but for now I'll keep this info here.

EDIT: Here's a picture of the same spreadsheet but now with most of the players on the "Extra" teams. Praiense still needs a big update and the others minor updates, but you get the picture, they will be harder to do than the LigaPro teams since there are less players in-game or in the 2020 OF, specially on the "new" teams.
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I finally have a new PC to edit and create kits on. This new laptop is much better than my previous one.
While testing it, I made a few kits for this new project. So, here you can see a preview of Académica and Arouca home kits (WIP):

I'll have to start a creation thread soon.


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Lacatoni once again making my life hard... :p
Nowhere near perfect, but I tried, I can't do better. So here's a preview of the new Chaves away kit for 2020-21 season
More kits (and creation thread) coming soon (possibly after the 22nd october update)

Real picture for comparison: