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Pukkatingz - Avoid online at all costs


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Want a defeat abd dropped points on your ranking?

No didnt think so. Then avoid this idiot at all costs.

He picks Barca, fair enough, so do most unfortunately.

That is not the problem though. You start the game with a decent connection and once he finds out you are decent enough at the game BAMM! There goes the connection - he fiddles the line at his end and you get really unplayable lag. Its happened on both occasions I have played him.

This time I heard him laughing so stuck on the mic and he knew full well what I was talking about. A Cheat who ruins the game for everybody! He is a disgrace.

I honestly dont mind getting beat but I absolutely hate cheats!


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Unlucky. Sadly whenever I think of PES now I automatically think of pathetic, cheating, cunts. You have to consider 3 factors:

a) Barca/Madrid/Master League fags
b) The AI cheating you
c) Blatant cheats who aren't good enough to play the game properly so piss about with their connection.

Someone pointed out tonight when I was playing online that some o these cheats have 'BMF' at the end of their name. For example "DENNY CRANE BMF" was cheating everyone tonight. He would go his master league team, let you go 1-0 up and then the button lag came into effect. It's pathetic.

He then went on to admit he cheats and saying "microsoft can't touch me". Hmm let's see when I send them the photo proof of him admitting his cheating and boasting they "can't touch him"

If anyone on here is one of these scummy cheaters then why do you do it? What do you get out of it? What, a higher rank in a non-profitable online computer game? It just ruins it for everyone else. And why can't Konami detect people like this and do something about it? At the end of the day it makes me not play the game as much, losing Konami another user.


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These people are tragic beyond belief, I played a game last night and everytime I got near his box the game started jumping / lagging then when he cleared it everything resumed as normal. idiot. best thing to do is just walk away and go and make yourself a drink or something and let them waste 10 minutes playing on their own.


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I've never encountered them as I don't play ranked online, given that it is still not fully fixed. I know there are many, however. When I watch my brother play, fortunately for him 3/4 he has played had their connection cut off and the points went to my brother.

Best part of it all, the **** messages him saying my connection is green let's play again to which my brother replied with; "hahahaha, nah you can try cheating someone else" before he threw a load of profanities my brother's way. lol @ this muppet.

el croz

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This is why I avoid online at all costs nowadays - that said I really do enjoy the whole idea of online gaming.

For every good match, I have maybe 2 poor games against cheating Barca/Inter fools who dick about with their connection. And when they are not playing with connection they are scoring the 'Generic Goal' over and over again - How Bloody Boring.

What is with that? Everybody 9/10 choosing Inter/Real/Barca...?

Then there are the Portugese online.... Best I say no more.


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I lost 4 straight matches to crooks that contnantly use manutd, barca, real etc. this is insane. I'm using mostly FC Porto and Sevilla also Netherlands. If I pick Netherlands clearly stating I'm interested in a national team match this prick picks ManUTD? Lame.


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How do they mess up the ionternet connections to cause lag though? do they turn off there router or somthing? and no i dont cheat as i dont play online just abit interested.


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How do they mess up the ionternet connections to cause lag though? do they turn off there router or somthing? and no i dont cheat as i dont play online just abit interested.

As soon as I notice lag out of nowhere or lag when I'm about to score I quit the game. I don't care about rankings that much. I know I can beat half of these idiots if it was A FAIR FREAKING GAME.

Wish there was a way to filter bad connections, and powerhouse teams. :realmad::realmad::realmad:


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I played some guy yesterday, he paused it constantly, then when I wanted to pause to make a change I had ZERO pauses left! WTF!


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Lag switch? And how can fiddling with the line not affect his own but only the opponents connection and only cause lag for you Rama78? Not sure i follow..


The only way to combat these idiots is to just start an online league and play with friends/family.

Exactly! Playing games and having fun becomes more and more a "solo activity". I have played only a few online matches on pes2010 and even fewer on 2009, quite simply because it sucks. Find a bunch of friends and be social without talking into a mic, talk with the local pub owner about arragning local tournaments etc. It's superfun! Most pub owners are interested in arranging activities that can bring in beer money on a wednesday anyway.

Because of the Barcelona syndrome, we have created two identical teams wich players use in the tournament.
We used Atletico Madrid as "archtype" because they have a good mix of player types.