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Question about through balls


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Hello folks, i'm new here =)

Recently i bought myself a copy of PES 2016, last one was PES 6.
Been a fifa player ever since, although i have always missed the master league mode and the fun it was to play.

I'm not a online gamer, i just prefer to do it againist the COM.

Anyway, I've been having alot of fun with master league these days.
With standard players in top difficulty.
And i am finding it very challenging. specially those lobbed through balls that will land in between the 2 center backs with the striker wide open, even with man marking...

My question is does this get better with better defenders? (mine are 70 OVR)

I find it very frustrating to spill my guts to score a goal, just to concede 1minute later with this kind of play.

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I find fast and tall defenders are the best way with dealing through balls.

Currently have Varane and Ramos who either head the through ball away or intercept it before it reaches their striker. As soon as a ball goes flying in I just begin to run my defenders back.

Some through balls however seem to be 100% unstoppable, no matter what you do it will get through to their striker and into the back of the net.


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Well, that really sucks init?

It will be a long time until a can get some defenders like that...

Still i have improved a bit by using a 3-4-3 formation with 1 center back and 2 full backs, i'm not conceding as much, and at least i'm drawing games...


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Thank you for your suggestion.

I spoke too soon about the 3-4-3 i struggle against big teams, and when i'm on the lead as they push harder for goal, they usually get the tie.

Although in the start of the new season, my youth team got loads of new players...

ended up buying 10 or so. they are so much better than most of my players.

Got R.Carvalho, Reyes, julio cesar, juanfran, mauri and some others all 75 OVR. big boost, specially on defense.

Gonna Play some more games tonight and see the improvement.