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Questions about BAL : Leagues and AI


Registered User

I am coming back to PES2013 as I loved the gameplay.
The last game I played was PES2011 on PS2 with the old school gameplay.

Most of the time, I will play Become A Legend.

What are the leagues you can play on BAL?
- Spain
- Italy
- France
- England
- Holland
Only those 5 leagues?
Is there a "eastern Europe" league, composed of the best clubs of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey...?
Is there a "western Europe" league, composed of the best clubs of Portugal, Scotland, Belgium...?
What if I get an option file with Bundesliga, can I play in this league in BAL mode?


The AI in BAL mode in last PES (2009 on PC) games I played, was horrible.
It looked like my teamates had "3 stars" AI while opponent teams had "5 stars" AI. I had to do all the work and expect my teamates to just run into a defend and forget to pass the ball.
In PES2012 the BAL AI was better than that?


Thanks if you can answer my questions.