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RDR Pre-Release Discussion


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No post for me yet. Trust my postman to be late when im actually waiting for something. I gotta work this afternoon so i get a chance to play it.


Witchfinder General
I was in the process of composing a post bemoaning it not coming yet, and me having to go out in half an hour when the doorbell rang - it was the postman with a few DVDs. So I sit back down when it rings again and it's a courier and he brings the proper goods. Limited edition with glossy slipcase - wad inducing. Can't play until I get back from Uni though.


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Recieved mine just after i posted earlier ^^ lol. Played about an hour, its pretty awesome tbh. Riding the horses takes some getting use to.
Damn, phoned up GAME just to make sure I'd get my copy tomorrow. He confirmed I would and that my preorder has already been put to one side. Knowing they were instock, I asked him if there was any chance of breaking the street date and he told me he would've if his manager wasn't in today =[


Woo Woo Woo
Turns out the old couple a few houses down took my packages for me. :joel: Could have let me know sooner like.


Turns out the old couple a few houses down took my packages for me. :joel: Could have let me know sooner like.

Sneaky old people... always trying to steal people's PS3 games. I only ordered mine from Amazon yesterday so I'll have a little wait.


I've just decided to pick it up from my local Tesco tomorrow, which reminds me I need to ring up to check if they'll stock it (every now and then they fuck up on new releases). However if this fails, there is an Asda about 10 minutes drive away that stocks everything from new releases to missing crocodiles and golden cat shit. Think Harrods, but a gigantic Asda with the scum of the North in zombie-like trances wielding metal trolleys. So, either way I'll be getting it tomorrow, it's just a matter of where from that's the problem, I'm just hoping it's Tesco up the road. My karma must be good this year, and I've got hope through it.

EDIT: Rang up local Tesco and they're stocking it, result. It will be £37.70 which is a reasonable price (they have pre-orders for £35 I've just noticed on their site). The store closes tonight at midnight but she said they may just stock it before closing, but she can't promise anything. I need to pop in later tonight anyway (around 10pm ish) anyway after hitting the gym so I'll see if it is in stock, but I'm already settled on going tomorrow midday.

Good times. I'm currently just watching through the trailers on my Xbox 360 at the moment, lovely visuals.


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omg. Haha i just got horse jacked by some bloke asking me if i could give him a ride. I just wipped out my rifle and used dead eye and shot him off my horse. He then got hogtide and taken for a ride like he asked for. Then i got to my destination to start a mission and just shot him in the head lol. Serves the fucker right for trying to steal my horse lol.


The Three Amigos
LOVEFiLM have sent it today, so it should be here tomorrow morning on rental.

For once, LOVEFiLM has done something decent...