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RDR Pre-Release Discussion

Dale C.

Registered User
Half of the so called veterans that you mentioned mainly play Fifa anyway, regardless of the fact that we're on this site.

And I agree with Barn. If it's called something as gay as that, I won't be joining.


Registered User
How about 'Wild West Banditos' or 'PESGaming Cowboys'? I'm not too sure to be honest... :erm:

I imagine there will be a character/word limit when naming your Possé though...

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
lmao i was being sarky with the seabass loyal thing as hes buttfucked us for many years now the knob

the sticky bandits or the wet bandits ! i think that'll be overused names


Registered User
Got friday, saturday and sunday off work :D

From some of the streams going round it looks pretty promising.


Registered User
omg haha I was watching some guy play and he chased a woman out the bar and into the street with his lasso out reading to tie her up. He lost the woman when she ran down a dark alley and when he found her she had a mugger sat ontop of her with a knife to her throat shouting "I got me a nice pretty little whore!" ahaha

Edit: Sorry just realised i double posted :|

Edit 2: 17/5 16:40

IGN UK gave RDR 9.8/10
The Guardian Gave RDR 5/5



Registered User


Registered User
Any gameplay videos of this yet i mean someone playing it from the start not what Rockstar have posted.


Registered User
Taken off, although i found a ten minute video i blanked out the german audio review haha looks amazing.


Witchfinder General
Remarkably, it's actually much bigger. This picture almost gave me an erection:

Also, from the strategy guide, seemingly a list of the rare animals to be tracked and killed in the game. Looks like they're very specific:

Khan the Jaguar
Gordo the Boar
Brumas the Bear
Lobo the Wolf

I'm just astonished there's jaguars in the game. A Croc or Alligator would just about finish me off.

And I think Rockstar should make good on their teasing of San Andreas and stick Bigfoot up in the mountainous areas.


Registered User
Wow. The map is Huge. Especially when you compare it with the picture Jonny posted earlier.

I just got an email from saying mines been picked and packed so should be dispatched later today or tomorrow.