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RDR Single-Player Discussion


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Isn't everyone entitled to share and have their own opinions here? :unsure:

Anyhow, here's mine: this game's awesome!

Gotta say though I'm finding this online boring though.

Offline play: 9.5/10
Online play: 6.5/10


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I'm having problems finding beaver.

Above the G in Great plains it reeks of beaver. Not meant to be a joke well a bit.

Done the story line and side missions now, now i'm off to hunt the 4 animals had a look for the Wolf in the south of mexico couldn't find it though.


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Single player: 9/10
Multiplayer: 3/10

Whats your opinion on multiplayer? Im curious because everyone seems to love it. I myself originally loved it but havent been online in 4 days, after I had about 80 games where I was spawn killed severly.


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Has anyone hogtied a criminal and then stuck them on the train track and waited for the train to come? I've done that a couple of times..its quite fun!!


Single player: 9/10
Multiplayer: 3/10

I'm close to agreeing with that. The multi player is a bit too headless for my liking with some of the spawn locations being just too close to the action and not giving you to get a chance to find a spot to settle down. That said, I'm sure a proper posse in a free roam game has the potential to be fun for a while. It's in dire need of some new mulitplayer missions against the CPU, just to make it worth while.

I just can't understand for the life of me why you can't fully customize and create your character online, having to play a default one just isn't the same.


Aye, if I was to rate it I might give it 10/10 for single player and more 5/10 online. I think online had some potential but the madness and chaos spoils the entire showdown vibe in the towns. For every time you die it should take away one of your kills from your total score at the end of the round, this might calm people down a bit. Even better again would be no re spawning at all in certain rounds, a proper last man standing.

As it is people are just running around like a bunch headless chickens.


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I think it's just boredom. Killing bears, crashing wagons, and throwing yourself from mountains is about the only fun you can make for yourself. I hope in future updates they add more variety to the free roam. Adding things like trains, cars, the glider that cunt is making, and rafts would at least be a start.

Lörd TH

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The mulitplayer is very much the same as GTA IV, where the idea of having a whole map to run around with your friends was great but then after the novelty wore off it got boring very quickly.


The mulitplayer is very much the same as GTA IV, where the idea of having a whole map to run around with your friends was great but then after the novelty wore off it got boring very quickly.

Spot on. I'm a firm believer in saying that not all games should be multiplayer. A brilliant single player game with no multiplayer will be remembered more than one with a multiplayer which is poor.

BioShock 2 should not have a multiplayer.
GTA should not have a multiplayer.

When you have magnificant story titles, adding a multiplayer purely for the sake of it (to make that extra bit of cash) just takes something away from the single player story itself I think. Instead of having an amazing story and then slapping a multiplayer on the side, just keep the story, scrap the multiplayer. It just brings the game's credibility down.


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If you actually had stuff to do online there would be no problems. For them to achieve what they have done however (A huge environment you can roam with 7 of your friends) is worthy of much praise, but there needs to be goals, achievements and such for it to be worth playing.

GTA 4 multiplayer suffered for many reasons; There was few civilians to maul, you couldn't partake in missions, races and the like, but imagine a living city full of civilians you could kill, banks you could rob, police you could have full-blown shoot-outs with etc etc.

Don't forget though, a game is only as good as its community. You look at some of the videos on youtube where people have took the time to organise games and create their own game-modes to realise the potential of these games.

I did hear RS were contemplating adding stuff to the free-roam though, such as poker and tougher gang hideouts, but they could just be rumours.

I'm still avoiding this thread though as I've only just arrived in Mexico and people don't seem to be using spoler tags.