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RDR Single-Player Discussion

Lörd TH

Registered User
End of game spoiler btw
Can you only do certain stranger missons as John? I'm playing as Jack at the moment


Witchfinder General
Yeah. The I Know You one. Which is probably one of the best things in the game. The ending is fantastic.
Bit pissed off, Caught mo Van Barr and delivered him to the sheriff but my deadly assassin menu didn't update and so I haven't unlocked the suit!!

Bit pissed off, i'm hoping the bounties repeat themselves.

Oh, and cheating at Poker is great, got caught first few times in Thieves Landing, shoot outs followed =]


Witchfinder General
I hear there's a bug concerning that. I haven't found Van Barr yet so I can't comment.

Don't think I'll ever complete Five Finger Fillet at Torquemada. I got pissed off and started a shoot-out, and ending up doing Level 10 of the Sharpshooter challenges.


Witchfinder General
I'm at 99%. Problem is I'm absolute shit at Five Finger Fillet, and I think to win that at Torquemada is the last thing I need to do. I'm very concerned I'll never get 100% at this rate.

I did get the 'Unnatural Selection' achievement mind - a Duck was the last one. Also, I have over $10,000, but didn't get an achievement - wasn't I supposed to?

Dale C.

Registered User
That Torquemada fillet is bloody hard.

When it shows you the pattern when the opposition is doing it, I paused the game, got my other controller and just practised it on that.
I don't see what you guys find so hard about it, I got to Torquemada yesterday and did all rounds of fillet first time and did the final round as a $100 bet.

My tactic is to lie the controller vertically with dpad closer to TV and shape buttons closest to me, and ignore the screen and just remember the pattern. Level 3 will always be this.


Got my first patch for the reyes outfit for doing it, is that what you're looking for towards the 100% barn, finishing that outfit?

Gotta say I am loving Mexico right now, compared to new austin you really do have to explore thanks to the terrain, its not as simple as going A-B to get to a place. Took me a few minutes to find out how to actually get up to Torquemada!!


Registered User
Also, I have over $10,000, but didn't get an achievement - wasn't I supposed to?

You get the acheivement once you've 'earned' $10K irrespective of how much you currently have at your disposal. Chances are if you've bought property/horses/guns ect, you will have got the acheivement some time ago.

Check you trophies for: More than a Fistful (Bronze) Earn $10,000 in Single Player.

Finished the single player last night. Loved the story overall but Jack is a pussy. Touch abrupt the ending too.

I'm hoping there will be more single player DLC soon...
It's in the post barn, you should receive it soon......

Left mexico for a bit and been doing side missions, struggling to find beavers for "deadalus and son" stranger mission, are they mainly in the northern territory?

Finally got round to doing the gaptooth hideout. The ending with the guy sitting on the dynamite was predictable if very funny lol, i was tempted to shoot it myself but thought i'd probably fail it.

Chuck Morris

aka BlueScouse
Just seen a crazy little moment in the game there. Just walking across Tanners Span trying to find some pain in the arse beavers when i noticed 2 people in the distance on top of a hill, whipped out my sniper rifle to see what the jist was and a woman was kneeling down with her head in her hands crying while the dude looked dead on the floor. As i got over there was a revolver lying next to her....i decided to wait to see what was guna happen and she picked up the gun....honestly thought she was guna pop me for a split second.....yet she put the gun next to her temple and shot her own fucking brains out! This game is still amazing me with it's little touches like that.


Witchfinder General
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