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Real Madrid

Will Mourinho bring the Holy Grail(CL) back home?

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Absolutely,Ozil would have never adapted his game to do so much defensive work and be effective offensively as well,di maria added the donkey work and even amplified his offensive qualities.


The Three Amigos
Fucking hell, they're all coming out from under their rocks, aren't they?

Who's next? Highway Penguin? :)


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Ángel di María: "It hurts when you’re always doing your best for your club and then you hear that you might be going to Tottenham."

This is a brilliant quote.


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Hopefully real are stupid enough to not realise his importance like they didnt with Makalele,Sjneider,Van Der Vaart,Robben,Higuain and Ozil but tough chANCE OF DI MARIA leaving with ancelotti in charge...hmmm but angel has publicly refused to rule out anything.


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You might not have control of everything on the pitch but while barcelona themselves are gaining advantages due to cheating and are not the fairest then what are you complaining about?

If you just want to put it out there that Di Maria is a great player and a cheater,ya sure he is.

Angeling for a bigger contract.
Will it work or will real show him the door,Ozil was on 60-70k a year in his 3 year stay and never offered a raise,if you do not catch real's higher ups fancy might not get it.If bale asks for a taj mahal in spain he would have it immediately.

Billy Minof

La Decima
Every club around the world have cheaters in there team, even in local amateur football there are divers and cheaters but we only complain when its not our team doing it haha.

BTW, Real Madrids new Pink kit....:erm: ill have to pick it up for the wife.:wub:


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Its real? James Rodriguez for Di Maria? Come on! James its a great player but Di Maria its better, even in alot of games the last season was better than Ronaldo and Bale.


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What about team solidarity and spirit if you keep changing for the better one immediately?Ancellotti must be able to talk some sense into the real higher ups,Mourinho was given amazing control over squad and transfers by real standards,certainly winning copa del rey and first champions league in 12 years would give some control to Carlo...+ You already have Isco waiting as well.