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Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws To The End


Cat O' War!!
New RDR co-op DLC tomorrow:
Was there anything missing from Rockstar's ambitious open world Western, Red Dead Redemption? The game's makers seem to think so, which is why they've decided to create a series of downloadable add-ons. The first, due out June 22, is called Outlaws to the End -- and it is completely free. Outlaws to the end adds six new missions designed to be played with up to four players cooperatively.

The missions in Outlaws to the End are set across a variety of settings that will be familiar to anybody that has played either the main campaign or online Free Roam. In other words, new areas are not added with this pack. Instead, Rockstar offers new ways to experience those locales with some light storytelling and a few new gameplay features.

The missions range from things like raiding a mining camp in a gold robbery or blitzing a fort to protecting a herd of cattle from rustlers. I played through five of the six missions -- each lasting roughly 10 or 15 minutes when played successfully. The lone mission I didn't get to see is called the River, which sounds like a recreation of the border crossing story mission from the main game -- only with everything ratcheted up about five notches.

My favorite mission was called Ammunition. It takes place at night in a raging storm and finds you in Tesero Azul with near impossible odds. Cannon fire is raining down from the hills, Mexican soldiers are storming the fort, and a few mounted Gatling guns are laying down fire that is more than enough to wipe out anybody dumb enough to run out into the open. Even playing with a few guys from Rockstar, we weren't able to emerge victorious on the first few tries.

Make no mistake -- things are a bit tougher here to keep things interesting. Along with a few friends, a few other new features have been added to give you a fighting chance. Once you get killed -- unless it is by a massive explosion -- you'll begin to bleed out. If your co-op partners are fast enough, they'll be able to revive you to get you back into the fight. If not, any downed players will respawn if anybody on the team can reach the next checkpoint. If everybody dies, it's game over and you'll have to start over from the beginning.

For this reason, it pays to stick together and work as a team. If you needed more encouragement, how's this sound: in a mission called The Escape you can actually get in a stagecoach carrying a Gatling gun. One person steers and the other lays down a hail of bullets.

Even if you find these co-op missions a walk in the park, Outlaws to the End might have something to test your skills, yet. Once you've made it through the six missions successfully, you'll unlock the Advanced Missions playlist. It's the same group of challenges, only the difficulty is sent through the roof.

One of the more interesting parts of Outlaws to the End is that it introduces character classes of sorts. Before you begin each mission, you'll have to pick which class you want to play as. Four are available -- each starting with a set of weapons selected for specific styles of play . The Miner is built for close quarters combat with weapons like dynamite and shotguns. The Gunslinger has a rifle and fire bottles. The Marksman starts with a sniper rifle and the no-frills Soldier is the character class that Rockstar calls the "jack of all trades." Putting together a quartet of complementary classes is the key to swift victory.

Getting a high score will, of course, reward you with XP bonuses that add in to whatever you've already earned in other multiplayer modes. If you're looking for an easy way to grind a few levels (or earn a few new Trophies or Achievements), this pack is a great option.

Outlaws to the End is free, so you really shouldn't need my seal of approval before you give it a try. Just go grab it and have some fun with a few friends. It's a great little addition to the Red Dead world and you simply can't beat the price.


Given the lack of activity in our posse, I think this is just what we need to go back to action. :w00t