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Replacing Pleasure Horn in PES2021

PES Buck

Staff member
Hi Buckshot, just import the team emblem and the 3 kits first. Import the ted file by checking both boxes. Then move to Edit Player and scroll down to Egypt. 8 of them should show as playing for Al Ahly. Select them individually and press reset so the overall ratings become correct. Plus, there is also one Tunisian player to fix. You can do so by re-importing Tunisia, as he goes down from 76 to 74. I hope this helps.
I am familiar with editing over Pleasure Horn as I released a version last year for the community. When you posted the players were FLAGGED as Al Ahly, I took that to mean renamed as when I Flag players, I rename them. To me when editing, playing for and flagging are 2 different things hence the confusion.

PES Buck

Staff member
"Вы можете создать команду из Южной Африки вместо гудка, так как это южноафриканская команда, и игроки южноафриканской национальности будут добавлены к мастеру лиги, это всегда происходит с командами, имеющими национальный идентификатор, поэтому при создании OF вы должны стремиться придерживаться национальности фейковой команды"
Stop with the Africa teams. If you want Africa team, make yourself. Please post in English


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Остановитесь с африканскими командами. Если хочешь команду Африки, создавай сам. Пожалуйста, разместите на английском


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Hi all, I have registered here to share my issue and find help. I have downloaded and applied data from Vesuviano79, Al Ahly replacing PH. Everything went fine, I have Al Ahly in game, however, I wanted to correct some issues, e.g. replacing fake ID Gerlado with the real one added in one of the DP, the same with R. Sobhi, aim was to avoid duplicates in game. Also I wanted to correct overrals of some players and age (+1) of all players, etc.. I have used for this purpose SeungMin ted editor and WebTedEditor. After I tried to import the ted file into game (where I already have imported Vesuviano79’s TED), I have received error “This data includes players who cannot be imported”. It is not issue of 2 added players, it gives me this error with each player in TED. Could someone help me how to solve this issue? Or how to avoid it? If needed I can send also TED file.