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REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)


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Can i ask if you could Possibly Do this Emblem for me But Change the Text Down the Bottom.

At the moment it says Daejeon Citizen FC
But i would Like it to say Dirbyshire City F.C.

P.s - the reason i want to change this emblem is because it looks very stylish and those PNG's you made a couple posts up look Stunning.

Thanks From,
`The Muzz`


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Alright anybody could help me with these emblems?

AC Parma (not fc parma)
Ajax (with white backgrund)
Glasgow Rangers
Middlesbrough (old logo)
Shakthar Donetsk


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Hi dudes,

Could someone make stadium Flags,too? I need some of my favourite team "Dynamo Dresden". I have got them only for pc version, but I need it for PS3.

Here´s a Pic of the Flags. I think, you have to cut them:

If possible, do without fence, otherwise do it with fence.

Thanks in advance and greetings from germany


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Could anybody point me in the direction of someone who can create badges from scratch?

ie; If i supplied some images and a general idea of what i required colour scheme wise, could someone knock something together. Im afraid my photoshop skills are only good enough for facescans atm, otherwise id do it myself.