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aba kodama

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hey there all

i am new here and i want to ask about some of options in pes4 that bothered me alot when playing that game which i love

1) the auto switching of the player when playing a through ball really annoying and always auto switch to the wrong player , also when defending u find the auto switcher dont work well , maybe this looks like something not important but its really important for the ppl who like to enjoy the game

2) the progress of players in the game

i mean when u buy a player and make him play well and score tons of goals and be the top scorer and ......

all this dont make the player status grow quickly and also his money value

3) something i need it to be in pes and didnt find it in any game yet

the players values i mean the real value in real life we need it to be like

the real values to enjoy the game more

4) Another demand is to make an egyptian league in any of pes versions adding one of the most popular club in the middle east (al ahly club)

thanks all and i hope that someone could read my requests and i have alot more of things i want to tell in the game but i will tell it later cause i need to go out with my friends now

bye bye


Sin City
This is in the wrong section, mate.

This is the Player Creation Centre. That has nothing to do with creating Player's. Also, I don't think anyone would go out of their way to make a whole Egyptian League for you. As it takes ton's of work. Thread remained open for your reply first, encase you need any extra help which I hope I or another member can provide, but this thread will be closed soon, mate.

EDIT: Also, this should be in the Help section. I don't think many of us user's play PES 4 as much as we used to.
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