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Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima, was he that good?


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Holy Shit, is this thread actually still going strong, hahaha.

IMO the era's are way to different from Pele to Maradona, from Maradona to Ronaldo, from Ronaldo to really accurately compare them.

Messi is definitely the best player at the moment...that being said, IMHO I think he is slightly overrated. He is awesome, and one of the best ever...but definitely not the best ever as a lot of people are claiming.

I wish he would try another league sometime (don't think he will).

Whoever is the best of all time...doesn't matter, there are few players that captured the imagination of the world as R9 did back in the 90's.


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This whole thread was rather interesting

So i just randomly happened to be googling about R9 when i clicked on this random thread. I found it interesting enough that i read through every single post which took me almost 2 hours to finish (it was that good-good job everyone). Now a few random point i would like to make after reading this randomly interesting thread.

1. are a hypocrite. You tell all these people who bring up their own opinions that you respect them then you call it stupid. You basically seemed to regard just about everything people had to say on R9 i mean cmon we get it if do not like the player for being selfish but do not just shoo on everyones opinion that you do not agree with then say you do not give a shit when you are the same person who made this thread so people can know your opinion....what was the point of making a thread if you were not ready to reason. Aside from that i like the way you put so many facts lol. like i feel like a genius after reading your posts haha.

2. i read a post where someone stated that everyone has the type of player they like. i would think that this thread would have been over by then but oh well....we are human beings.

3. Everyplayer in this world is overrated someway or another. Once you get publicity, if fifa and sponsors like you, they will promote your image to be a shining angel so all of you sitting here thinking your favored player is better than the next person maybe somewhat right but do not let it get to your head. Shit happens. Im playing in D2 pro league English team so i know what im saying.

4. I should come here more lol this was fun :D

Thank you people. Wonderful. truly wonderful.