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What on earth have the developers done with Ronaldo's stats?

He was just about right in PES 12, DA in the high 80s and BB in the 80s.
Why on earth did they give him 97 DA? He is not a master of close control.
Despite his muscular physique he is also not too difficult to push off the ball in real life. No way does he deserve 90 BB. Low 80s would've been fine.

He is really difficult to play against online due to these hugely overrated attributes.


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I don't think he has any problem with the stats, except the shoot accuracy.
In the field, we have seen great goals, but also awful wide shoots from him. The shooting power is doubtless, but such accuracy is ridiculous. It makes him ultimately the long shot spammer.


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Ronaldo as the cover star was always going to get a slight buff. His shooting accuracy and BB are too high though for sure. I think his control is ok though personally.

I also think his top speed is lower than it should be and really should be 92/93 as should the explosive speed. Where as both are mid 80's I think. There's not many players who can run as fast as Ronaldo or get to his speed as quickly as he does.


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97 DA is way too much. That should only be reserved for the masters of ball control like Maradona, Messi, Ronaldinho.

90 would have been fine.


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We've played a lot of times against Ronaldo (2v2 online). But if you think he's unstoppable you are really wrong. It's just depending on the way you play. If you don't want him to win a counterattack, you just put a defender behind him or quickly go forward with your defenders to put him offside. Beside that if you are in a 1 v 1 with Ronaldo, just wait and tackle on the right moment. Most of the players are scared against Ronaldo, but the opponent are counting on a tackle, so if you wait long enough you'll kick his ass.

Next thing. Everybody is complaining about Ronaldo, but Messi is also a really overraded player since he wins duels from Kompany and Maicon with ease.

Ronaldo is really good, I agree, maybe a little bit too good. But don't forget, the player desides, so if you are a good player you can handle him.

And if you play against RM, and you won't let Ronaldo do anything, RM is not that good.

So please stop with these debate, just play and kick his ass!