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I don’t know if my opinion really counts because I played Bal in pess 2013 and with a new born player I scored 7 goals in the first game!?

Was true the defenders were stick to me like glue but I was used to that and I was playing with the defender at my back and just was moving left and right with the run button a bit and shoot goal!? I mean it was like my player was a superstar player!? I even score goals from positions that only a 95 shoot technique player could score and the shoots from outside were much more successful than before! Finally I ended with 19 appearances and 34 goals not to mention the headers!? With this kind of setup anyone can score with low stats players and the low highly defending team is a lot of harder to beat them!? I guess they did this to force you use the new dribbling they evened even inside the box.

Also with normal growth and a little points in the training the stats of my player was going up a lot of faster than before!? I can’t imagine what will happen if you use the 5 million coach with the max points but the game is set for starters with scratch even when they choose Barcelona in Master league!? When I found out in order to get some skill cards I had to buy them from shop and wait 1 year to be completed I erase the game completely and that’s it.

PS I forgot as I used max points in strength in order to create the player with as max tenacity as I could and the game didn’t let me to rearrange the rest points were I wanted I ended up with low points in stamina (65) as you seen above and the couch was not changing me in every game!? The slots I was allowed to use was only 2 the 3rd was locked. I did buy the cycling machine for 1 slot, I was using the recovery trainer for the second position and from the boots I won only the king was worth it the rest was crap, I always playing finisher and my job is to put the ball in the net. I guess if I could skip some games I could score 7 goals again but I needed GP to buy staff! I mean next year the team had to play and champions league and with so low stamina what to do....


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If you play on the easiest setting then you will score 10 goals a game. Try playing on a higher difficulty level.


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I always playing in the highest difficulty in order to test a game it was superstar level.

I let it all out in the rage thread.

PS I don't have the game any more in pc, I didn't found something positive about it. The removal of 1-1 Keeper and Penalty saver skill cards from the keepers made a huge impact , they seemed to me all retards!? As every year we see less and less freedom from konami i suggest you should turn your back to them also.