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Share your unique/fun/effective formation and team instructions!


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I’ve recently adopted a 4-3-3 for my Liverpool team, and it’s probably the most fun playstyle I’ve tried yet. I play with a regular 4 at the back and push my SBs up (as much as possible while still being SBs) in attack, a low lying DM and then a CM next to a AM on either side of the upper end of the center circle, a lone striker supported by two pacy wingers (who goes back to the half way line as side midfielders when out of possession). The team instructions for attack is Possession game, short pass, Centre, Flexible, Support range 4 and Many in attack. The defensive instructions are All Out Defense, Middle, Aggressive, Defensive line 7, Compactness 7 and Many in defense.

My team consist of GK: Forster, LB: Jenkinson, CB: Caulker, CB: Stones, RB: Flanagan, DM: Livermore, CM: McCarthy, AM: Barkley, LW: Origi, RW: Zaha, CF: Bendtner

It’s an extremely dynamic setup that lets you play counter attacking possession football with a good balance between wide and central focus. Whenever I attack I immediately look for a ball through the middle for my CF, who then acts as playmaker holding up the ball or picking out the through ball for one of my wingers. For this to be effective it’s crucial to have a CF with good passing skills and a decent ability to hold the ball up and of course wingers with a lot of pace. If the initial attack doesn’t provide an open opportunity I hold the ball up for a while and wait for support to arrive. The thing I appreciate the most is the attack focus being central instead of wide. Beforehand I always played with a wide focus when having wingers as it seemed natural, but this meant that the wingers stayed out wide and provided crosses rather than scoring themselves. With a central focus though my wingers have become much more of a goal threat as they make central runs and often can be put clean through on account of their superior pace. Whenever the attack slow down they mostly stay out wide so established possession play doesn’t suffer.

Defensively it helps a lot with the counter attacks that the team falls back to the half way line to defend, I no longer bother chasing carelessly after the ball but simple relax for a while until the opposition enters my half and I can fall on them with everything I got (the high back line actually makes this a effective way of quickly winning the ball back). I think abandoning the mindset that a possession game meant you had to control the ball all the time (like Barcelona), has made the game more enjoyable for me, because even with aggressive frontline pressure chasing after the ball on the opposite half is a real bore and when you just fall back (after the initial quick attempt to win the ball back of course) the ai doesn’t seem to pass it between their CBs as much. Also the decision to play with Many players in both defense and attack (while seemingly counterintuitive) gives the feeling of a really intense team playing total football (the old Dutch speciality).

So do you have a fun/unique/effective playstyle you want to share?