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Shevchenko Flick and Volley


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I must say even my very jaw went through the floor when the ball hit the back of the net!!!


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stevieboy said:
That is a fantastic goal.
Great PES eye-candy. Got any more?

I have a few others that might be worth looking at, maybe I'll post some later. This just was so special I had to post it right away.


Betting Guru
ding ding ding - booyah ;)

i havn't got one single goal, no not one, with that flick in it - nevermind a scissorkick on the end
ive scored plenty with one in the build up but the replay isnt long enough yet still i have yet to score one like that, even with a normal volley on the end of it -

i envy you :mad:


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spikeymaracca said:
great goal RistoL. wish i could score em like that.
but..i bet you meant to volley it lol instead of scisorkick it!! :p
well, yeah, I just saw that it was a good opportunity to shoot and Sheva did the rest, so what can I say... ;)


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Really nice. After this kind of flick, I always block by defender. Really difficult to score with this. With Shev's 99 shot accuracy, it's done.


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Oh everybody! Hold the phones!! All bow down to PES2's ultimate striker, just reminding everyone that he does still exist in PES3!

Oh lordy lordy. Talk about class. I'll drink to that goal bro.