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Should Ched Evans be allowed to play again?


The Three Amigos
A lot of bitches getting sandy vaginas over Ched Evans being allowed to train with his old club; what's your take on it? Should he be allowed to play football again?
I don't even think he was guilty of rape so of course he should be allowed to play. Both men state the woman said yes to him joining in, the women states she was too drunk to remember therefore he's guilty of rape....bullshit

We've all got up to shit when we've been drunk, and I'm sure a lot of us have ended up shagging some bird and the next morning thinking "how the fuck did I get here, I don't remember this" and then realising if we were sober we wouldn't have gone near her, but with woman that doesn't seem to be the case, it's automatically "I was raped...I was so drunk" etc. Bitch please.


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Absolutely he should be allowed to play again. I would guess most objective people who read through the evidence would see it doesn't add up. And like with other cases, the fact he's a professional footballer would've helped make her accusation easier.


The Three Amigos
I'm sure there's a lot of cases where they'll shag a footballer thinking they'll become a WAG, then when he wants nothing to do with her the next day she cries help.

Regardless of whether he was guilty, he's served time for it (even if you argue not enough time), so why should he not allowed to resume his career? I know a lot of people will play the "role model" card, but we choose our own role model. Here's an idea, don't choose your role model who's a convicted rapist?


Witchfinder General
Lee Hughes and Luke McCormack. That's all that needs to be said. Anyone who thinks he should never play again and acts like football is some kind of sacred profession that has never been besmirched is either plain ignorant or retarded.

He's served his time. Whether or not people feel it is enough is irrelevant. And why should he be remorseful if he truly thinks/knows he's innocent? There was me thinking courts have never wrongfully convicted someone before.


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A few years ago we probably would have a lot of different opinions in this thread, but not these days, it'll be one way traffic.

He deserves to play again as he did time that he propbably shouldn't have done when you sit down and read the evidence. But the world we live in today will not allow him to return. Look at how much pressure people are putting on Sheffield United for just giving him theopportunity to train.

Cannon ball

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Definitely he should be allowed to play again. The case isn't as clear cut as being made out, and the other footballer involved was let off.

I don't think he will play for Sheffield United again though, what with the media attention, and the pressure they're being put under.


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Glad the club made a u-turn on him training with us. The prosecution seemed very suspect at the time, what with Clayton McDonald getting off with it.

Ched's served his time, should have every right to go back into his usual working environment: just don't think he should return to Sheff Utd.

Be interesting to see just where he ends up... A season or 2 in the Conference, he may well go goal-crazy there...


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The law has done its job and he has been punished,he does not exactly deserve to have his whole life destroyed..Ofcourse he should,isnt jail supposed to be about rehabilitation than vindictive punishment?


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Yep agree with the sentiment here, of course he should be allowed. He's just making a return to 'civilised society' into his chosen trade. You wouldn't tell a plumber he has to do something else if he did bird, this is no different. As Meyappan said, criminal justice should be about rehabilitation, rather than revenge.

There's also the point as to whether he's actually guilty or not. For someone to have served time, come out, and still maintain his innocence, I can't condemn that man.


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Oldham Athletic have done it!

2.5 year contract for Evans.

Press conference announced for Thursday.