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Should I get PES 2012?


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I've been away travelling since Decemeber 2010 and i'm now wandering whether to get PES2012. I played 2009 a lot as I enjoyed the Become a Legend mode, and had a fair bit of time on 2010 until I found it far too easy, but I haven't really touched PES2011 and played the demo of PES2012. I must say I enjoyed the demo quite a lot and it was defintely a lot more playable than PES2010. There are 2 main questions that I have as to whether I should buy this.

1) Is the scripting\cpu cheating\amazingly lucky cpu games still around? I don't want to get into a debate on whether this exists or what to call it, so if you're on the side of the fence that doesn't think it's there, then please ignore this question.

2) Does it feel like you're actually playing different teams? Such as a Sam Allardyce team playing more long balls, Barca fannying about with the ball etc etc. And kinda on the same lines are the big teams difficult to beat? Always seem to find that the Utd's, Barca etc games were actually easier to win!

Thanks for any advice!


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No it's shit.
1- yes. It's extremely noticeable.
2- players and teams lack personality, crap players become superhuman.


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1) Scripting and passing ruin the whole game for me
2) Obviously not - concocted with my first statement, the scripting makes every team play like Barca.

Its fun to play multiplayer but other than that its a bag of wank


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Thanks for the advice, looks like i'll be leaving it then!

Seems such a waste to make a game and have, to me, the 2 biggest things (other than overall gameplay) just glossed over.

I used to love playing on ISS Deluxe on the SNES and when you played Norway I think it was, they had the huge jumping stat and had to play differently. Shame they don't think about these things anymore...


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Don't listen to these people. It is a very enjoyable game and if you can get it for a cheap price, I'd say definitely go for it. It has it's flaws but it is still a great game.