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simple cheats for defending with the left analog stick


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I only have used this trick in PES 2016.I don't know if it will work in PES 2017 and on X box as well as PS4. But the trick goes like this:
Set your left analog stick(L3) to have no strategy or tactics functions in the game plan settings.Then start your game and to defend hold R1 and Square and X together.Always hold down R1 first before square and X.Then if you are attacking towards the left in the match,push your left analog stick towards your right(your goal) while holding R1 and square and X to defend.Hold the analog stick in that position as long as you are defending and your defense will drop off and close the gaps.If you are attacking towards the right in the match,do the same above but instead push your left analog stick towards the left and hold.
Another trick is for high pressing .To make your players press high and fast up the pitch without moving your defensive line up,hold down the R1 button at any time you don't have the ball and while holding it,click in the left analog stick 3 times and then let go of both the left analog stick and R1 and flick the right analog stick upwards once.This cheat will continue throughout the match once you do it and there is no need to repeat it.You will notice your strikers and midfielders pushing higher up the pitch and pressing with great intensity.
If any of these tricks work for you or you need clarification please let me know.