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Some suggestions in further PES


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hi all, i love the game and target to edit to high reality. here is some suggestion in further pes. edit mode and gameplay:
1. show all abilities/skills/play styles in one single page;
2. freedom to revise name of ability;
3. compactiveness of team shall be divided into two factor, width of each line (cf line/mf line/df line) and distance between lines;
4. in advance of point 3, imagine the pitch is divided into several areas, team shape/positioning shall be edited for ball playing in different areas when defending;
5. for team tactic, running route or active area of a player shall be edited, if the players style is same as this instruction, it’s very effective during playing;
6. better use of all abilities to all players, etc. it’s found that gk reflex have effect to onfield player, if a defender have ard 85 gk reflex he is quick reaction on marking tightness and to a cross or pass;
7. more abilities for defending:
i. leadership of defender enhance the overall team shape, see the difference in nesta in milan and thiago silva in psg, it seem the latter don’t have this ability;
ii. sweeper or last man tackle ability, nesta/terry/puyol always make critical last man tackle, it could be a special skill that enhance the response/speed/strength/etc only during last man tackle situation;
iii. standing tackle/sliding tackle/aggressive of tackling/foul frequency shall be added and replacing ball winning/agressive
8. more tactic or selection on set piece situation, not only selecting two or three player into the boxes, for defending, quick selection of marking selection such as height/ jumping ability/ any of a selected ability.
9. the increase or decrease of players ability due to current form can be edited. for example, say 20 points need to add for red upward form, this 20 points can be manually preset during editing this player, every players may not hv the same effect for same current form, some may be faster and some maybe more accurate.

ha just thinking of these suggestions upto this moment, and will update later..
share some of my gameplay to you all, enjoy~
milan derby
juventus vs man utd
wolves vs new castle

more on this youtube channel
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just thinking of one more suggestion:

10. sorting for abilities edit, i use many time on abilities editing, conventionally, i need to select "team-player-abilities-edit-save" and its too time consuming... (refer to point 1 also ..:()

Is it possible to have sorting tool for abilities edit? for example, if i want to edit all juventus players speed and sort, only this ability of selected players display and really for edit in a single i dont have to repeat "team-player-abilities-edit-save" for nearly 25 times for those 25 players....

In my experience for all series of PES, i may or may not agree with the abilities setting due to different understanding on football haha, hence many of my time was used in edit mode .. ;)