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Somebody help me..


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I only play online divisions and now i'm in div9 but every game i get my ass kicked! They kill me with tiki taka spamming and play with there back against me and backwards.

I play always counter attack with almost full support range and mostly wing football and prefer long air balls from the defence to the attackers.

I begin with 4-2-3-1 and if that doesn't work i switch to 4-3-3 and for the last one as emergency 3-4-3.

What do i do wrong?? I don't want to play anymore!


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i suggest to use fuild formation (it could be very flexible and talior made to every team:))
on possession: 2-5-3 out of possession: 4-5-1
beware of the stamina of players haah~

(example juventus):
on possession:
c7 - hugain - dybala
sandro - rabiot - pajanic - bentencaur - cuadurdo
cheillini - bonucci

out of possession:
c7 - rabiot - pajanic - bentencaur - dybala
sandro - cheillini - bonucci - cuadurdo